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A couple walking at their Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding during sunset

This just in!! We have ALLLLLL the tea on this jaw dropping place they call the Bonneville Salt Flats! Imagine getting married or eloping on a blank canvas, making it your own! That’s exactly what it sounds like. In this day and age, everything is all about the aesthetics. The Bonneville Salt Flats fulfill every. single. one. of the aesthetic expectations. Check it out below on how to have a Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding! You don’t wanna miss this:)

Can I get married at the Bonneville Salt Flats?

YES. ABSOLUTLEY. 100%. We cannot stress this enough, the Salt Flats are heaven on earth and you will not be disappointed if you choose this as your location. Like we said above, this place is the epitome of jaw dropping. The opportunities this locations provides for people looking into getting married are endless! Book this trip right now!

Why should I elope at the Bonneville Salt Flats?

The real question you should be asking is why SHOULDN’T you ??? I mean, there are so many opportunities around the area in Utah that make this trip worth it. Not to mention, have you seeeeeeeeeen the pictures we just recently took there for an adventure session? Click HERE if you haven’t! Eloping is a very intimate ceremony already. It is a very solemn and secluded experience, and we think that the Bonneville Salt Flats embody those characteristics very well.

Eloping is a great option for this destination, as it is a good distance away from most civilization. It is hard enough to bring family to a destination type of wedding, then to bring them to this beautiful place on the outskirts of practically no where just seems like a little bit of a hassle for the people who aren’t being celebrated that day. BUT that is why we are such HUGE advocates for eloping here!! If you keep reading, we have some juicy details on how to make this destination worth it allllll.

When should I get married at the Bonneville Salt Flats?

The only downfall to getting married in the Salt Flats is catching them at the right time. From November to May, they’re flooded or frozen over from the winter temperatures. From March to May, it tends to have more of the reflective surface while it is more damp. Then from June to October, the iconic dry look of the Salt Flats make their appearance once again. To determine when you should get married at the Bonneville Salt Flats will depend on the vibe, season, and weather you’re aiming for. But clearly you can’t go wrong in any season!

couples backs while bumping hips with hands in the air at their bonneville salt flats wedding

Where should I stay if I’m getting married at the Bonneville Salt Flats?

Stunning SLC Loft & Rooftop Deck, Perfect Location– This locations is to dieee for !! This airbnb is a bit more on the expensive side, but has so many perks to it. The location is is big enough to accommodate for 11 guests if you’re planning to have more guests. But with the beautiful modern look comes rooftop decks, a hot tub, 2 car garages, and what seems like a great time.

Urban Cabin– With a cozy feel, the Urban Cabin may have just what you’re looking for. The space provided is set up so comfortably, it is like you never left home! The hosts leave a stocked kitchen with all of your breakfast favorites. If I were you, I would be SOLD. This location is only 5 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City AND has Netflix. Yep, you’re welcome:)

THE ART COTTAGE at historic Baldwin Radio Factory– Ok ok ok… don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This hidden gem is literally the cutest place to stay. It is so small and cozy for you are your partner. It is also a studio style airbnb and only 10 minutes from downtown SLC. This would be so so perfect for the married couple to check out!

Historic SLC Avenues Studio Apartment.– This studio apartment gives all the right vibes! With the beautiful open concept bathroom, and the POPPIN yellow couch, how could you not be in love. This location is perfect for the newly weds, as it only sleeps three.

Temple Square Retreat– We are such suckers for the aesthetics, and this airbnb satisfies every category. That kitchen, totally drooling over. Oh, did we mention that pets are allowed?? πŸ™‚

A couple walking at their Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding during sunset

Where should I fly into if we are getting married at the Bonneville Salt Flats?

Depending on where you decide to book your hotel, airbnb, or whatever it may be, Salt Lake City International Airport is your best bet. Salt Lake City is just a little less than two hours east of the Salt Flats, yet it is the closest airport to the flats. Check out Southwest for some great deals on plane tickets to Salt Lake City!

couple standing side by side just showing from their chest down in front of mountainous scenery

How do I get to the Bonneville Salt Flats?

Straight from, they say to get there, take Exit 4 off Interstate 80. Head north and follow the signs to the Speedway. Take a right on Leppy Pass Road towards the flats. There is a parking area at the end of the road (40Β°45’45.3″N 113Β°53’46.3″W). Driving is permitted on the flats, although there are sometimes seasonal closures when the salt is moist or there’s standing water on the surface β€” signs will be posted.

You should only drive on the Flats when they are completely dry, or else you take a big risk of getting stuck. If you’re staying near the SLC area, check out the boat tours that take you on the Great Salt Lake!

Is there a place to get ready at the Bonneville Salt Flats?

Unfortunately, there is not a great location at the Bonneville Salt Flats to get ready. Luckily, most vendors are more than willing to meet at your airbnb that you booked to help you get allllll glammed up! If you haven’t already, check out the Airbnb’s we listed above to book one with all the right vibes!

There is a rest stop that does have bathrooms (doesn’t always have toilet paper LOL), but they aren’t that pretty ha! We suggest either getting ready at your airbnb, or putting on your attire at the location! You can choose a private spot on the flats so that no one can really see you! πŸ™‚

How do I avoid crowds on our wedding day at the Bonneville Salt Flats?

Avoiding crowds at the Bonneville Salt Flats can be tricky sometimes, #1 because they are SO FREAKING GORGEOUS & #2 because they’re home to different motor sport races held there. It is typical to have these races in the summer, so make sure to check the schedule and see if any races are being held the day of your tentative ceremony. As cool as it would be to see, I am sure you don’t want the smell of burnt rubber, the sound of revving engines, or the back drop of race cars on your big day.

Another tip we wanna share is going on the week days. This brings a lot less visitors than the weekends, which will make for a private ceremony for you and your partner. Now if you are really feeling risky, consider having your ceremony during sunrise. The lighting over the mountains which reflect off the flats, OMGGGGG. Trust us πŸ˜‰

What should I wear for a Salt Flats wedding?

This question honestly depends on YOU. You obviously want something that you’re comfortable in, as well as something that matches you and your partners personalities. The only thing that may sway your decision about clothing is the weather. So whether you want a a bohemian style, a modern style, or even a rustic style to your wedding, it is totally up to you. Heck, bring multiple outfits to satisfy all your stylish needs.

Some great color options for clothing are neutrals. The neutrals flow really well with the white flats and the sunset/sunrise that your ceremony will most likely be planned around. We also love the pop of black attire! As for types of clothes, flowing is always a go to for us. But again, it is whatever you are comfortable in!

What do I need for a Salt Flats wedding? (Vendors/Permits)

A perfect wedding cannot go on without a few vendors! We suggest contacting the vendors you need below to create the perfect Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding day!

What special activities should we do at our Salt Flats elopement?

No matter your style of getting hitched, a whole wedding or a small elopement, make your ceremony memorable. Even though it may just be the two of you, an officiant, and a photographer, there are a lot of opportunities to have some fun.

You could have a small wedding cake to keep the traditions, I mean who doesn’t love cake?? Especially if you pop open a special bottle of bubbly with your person… woohoo marriage! Also, unity ceremonies are literally the sweetest thing. They mean so much, and could potentially make for memorabilia or a cute house decoration symbolizing your love for one another.

Another thing you could do is have your first dance together! Pump the jams to “your” song and have your photographer capture the moment. To end the night, set up a campfire or light some sparklers to make for a great photo op!

To see some more activities and trends, check out our blog about the latest elopement trends for 2021!

How long do we need at our Salt Flats wedding?

Wake up and relaxxxxxx… get some food in your system, some caffeine in your veins. Today is the day you’ve been dreaming of for years! Your make up and hair stylists should show up pretty soon, and your photographer should as well, to start catching the preparation moments. A good time for your wedding ceremony to be held is a couple hours before sunset. Whether you have stuff to set up for your ceremony should also be taken into account when planning a time for your ceremony. The ceremony should fall just a little before golden hour, so that portraits can be taken during golden hour. After the ceremony and pictures, you can head back to SLC and have a dinner at one of the local restaurants. Or plan a picnic during the blue hour, the time right after the sun has set!

What should I bring to our Bonneville Salt Flats wedding?

The most important things to bring to your Bonneville Salt Flats wedding are the obvious things. The attire, the flowers, the vows, the cake, and yourselves of course. But some obscure things to bring to the flats are simply because of the environment the flats could bring. Purchase a case of water and a cooler with some ice. Depending on when you go, the flats can get extremely hot because it is considered a desert. So bring extra water for you and your crew! Some sunscreen may come in handy as well.

A couple more things to bring in the case of hot weather is some extra deodorant, a hand towel or two, and some parchment paper (helps with keeping the faces fresh). In the case of cold weather, maybe bring a jacket for the each of you and maybe a blanket to match your wedding vibes. Lastly, don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

A couple looking away from each other at their Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding during sunset

Did you hear that?? I think it was the Bonneville Salt Flats calling your name… No, really. The Salt Flats do not get enough hype for what they consist of. The scenery is gorgeous and has so much potential for making your wedding photos drool-worthy. And if you are really feeling this elopement location, we would L O V E to be apart of your big day and capture your Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding! Contact us today to start planning your salt flats elopement!

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How to have a Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding

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