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Your wedding day is iconically the happiest day of your life. So much time is spent on planning to make the day MORE than perfect! It is YOUR day! Make it one you’ll remember forever! Elopements are a great option, as it is just you, your partner, and your officiant celebrating your love at your location of choice. Imagine exchanging your vows ontop of a mountain with only nature to observe…do you feel that?! The spark of adventure, curiosity, and of course the feeling of love! If that sounds like you, well then buckle up! Here are the top Elopement Trends for 2021 to make your wedding day live up to your dreams!

elopement trends for 2021- man kissing woman on the forehead at their wedding in west lafayette, Indiana wedding

Elopement Trends for 2021

1. Elope instead!

It’s no surprise that trend number one is to elope instead of having a big wedding. Elopements are no longer the whole “running away behind your parent’s back and getting married” thing! Elopements mean, less people and more focus on the two of you! Imagine a day without any stress of having to plan for 200 people. Elopements are a “just us” wedding experience for couples who prefer exchaning their vows with one another in a private setting! Did we convince you yet? If not keep on reading because these ideas are sure to wow you!

2. Invite Virtual Guests

The pandemic has caused lots of people to have to cut their guests lists drastically, but we have the perfect solution for you! Any guests that you would like to invite to your elopement, can now be invited virtually! You can use a private Facebook Group to live stream your event and allow your guests to watch the two of you exchange your vows! If you are eloping where there is little to no service, don’t fret! You can record your elopement and post it in the group for all to see after! They will feel just as if they are at your wedding when they all see it at the same time!

3. Choose a unique location to elope (One of our fav. elopement trends for 2021!)

Chances are, you and your significant other have a special place where you met or maybe a place you want to explore. Luckily, there are so many places to choose from. Are you wanting some western vibes? Elope on a ranch with wildlife in the background! Maybe you want a dark and moody feel to your elopement? Find a well known cave and light it up with candles for your big day! Or maybe you want to keep it comfortable and elope in your backyard! The possibilities are endless when it comes to locations!

4. Consider a micro-wedding

Eloping may seem a little intimidating to some. Luckily, micro-weddings are totally a go for 2021! Inviting immediate family, having a small bridal group, and minor decorations set the mood for what should be the happiest day of your life. With micro-weddings, it enables you to traditionally celebrate your big day with a small intimate feel! A micro-wedding is typically a wedding with no more than 50 guests. They usually still feature some traditions but on a MUCH smaller scale. But again, you two can decide what traditions you want to keep and which ones have to go!

5. Choosing a season

The busiest seasons for weddings and elopements are the fall and summer. But there is a reason for that; those seasons are beautiful! Although, winter makes for beautiful landscapes and unique tones for a special elopement. Bring your wedding attire as well as some cozy clothes to snuggle up in a cozy lodge Airbnb! Spring promises beautiful flowers and a crisp, cool air to enjoy! Depending on location, spring can be pretty reliable for good weather too. The season you choose is important, so think out of the box!

elopement trends for 2021- man and woman standing with their foreheads together while surrounded by tall trees in their breckenridge, colorado elopement

6. Elope now, party later!

So you want to keep your elopement ceremony secluded and intimate, totally doable! Especially in 2021 where gatherings beyond a limit of people are frowned upon, the party can be thrown later. Go elope, enjoy your honeymoon, then come back and plan a reception for when times are more accepting! No matter when, your people will always be happy to celebrate you and your partners shared love!

7. Conduct a unity ceremony

One of our super intimate elopement trends for 2021 is having a unity ceremony. A unity ceremony is where you and your partner come together to perform a ritual that symbolizes your unity as one. There are so many options as to what you can do. For example, mixing sand, tying rope together, planting a tree, or handfasting are all solid ideas to celebrate your unity. A unity ceremony is a great way to get more honor the committment you are exchaning between one another during your elopement!

8. Wear whatever!

Traditionally, there are specific colors to be worn and not much customization to the attire. As states previously, it is YOUR wedding, do what YOU want! If a short colored dress or romper is more of your style, go for it! If you would rather wear linen pants & shirt than a tux, work it! It is all up to you! Throwing in an embroidered denim or leather jacket is totally in. Depending on your location, you could wear flip-flops, hiking boots, or no shoes! Or maybe you are one of the few who can rock hats, maybe decorate it with florals! Your clothing sets the mood for EVERYTHING!

9. All about the sweets (One of our favorite elopement trends for 2021!)

I don’t know about you, but I think some sort of dessert is definitely an essential for weddings. The typical cutting and smashing into each others face makes for some great pictures and memories. So, why miss out on that for your elopement? You can get a smaller cake that will feed the both of you, and prepare a cake table for after the elopement. You could decorate the table with greenery, vases, candles, and two glasses with a drink of your choice. Other great options include macaroons, donuts, and even fruit parfets! Make it cute!

elopement trends for 2021- man and woman standing with their foreheads together while surrounded by tall trees in their breckenridge, colorado elopement

10. Audience=Pets

Saying it for the people in the back, BRING YOUR PETS! You won’t have to worry about making arrangements for dog-sitters, they will gladly be to the side celebrating with you! Bringing your pets would make for great photos and even better memories. So take advantage of this opportunity, and maybe even treat them with some pup-cakes 🙂 If you are looking for how to include your dog in your elopement, we have just the blog for you! Click HERE to see our tips and tricks for bringing your pup!

11. Pack a picnic

As goofy as it sounds, you may forget to eat on your big day. It is such a busy day, it is completely possible that it could happen. So why not plan for it? Packing a cute picnic for afterward the ceremony is a solid option for you and your partner. Of course, bring small sandwiches, charcuterie board, or snack of choice, but don’t forget the champagne or a celebratory drink with some glasses!

Elopement Trends for 2021 Continued

12. Multipurpose decorations

Depending on your style, your elopement theme may be something that goes well with your home. As you are citing your vows to each other, you could be standing on a patterned rug and a creative back drop behind your officiant. Amazon can be your best friend while planning your special day. You could purchase a customized sign with your shared last name or you could use the vases and flowers in your home. These decorations throughout your home could stand as little reminders of your magical day!

13. Get artsy! (Easy to see why this is on the elopement trends for 2021!)

A creative way to represent your wedding day is to paint something, could be during your unity ceremony. Or maybe if you aren’t trustworthy of your artistic ability, find your favorite picture from that day and hire someone to paint the scene for you live! Having a big painted canvas of your wedding day scene would be a beautiful masterpiece to hang in your home and show off to guests.

14. Airbnb style

When you decide to elope, many questions come into play about location and whether you want to travel far on not. No matter the location, it is a super good idea to book an Airbnb for your wedding night. This option is typically reliable with prices, locations, and convenience. Booking an Airbnb gives you the chance to cook together, chill on the couch, and enjoy the location of your choice without the hustle and bustle of a hotel!

15. Planning a dinner

Let’s be honest, everyone loves food. So it has to be part of your big day. Whether you decided to go back home after your ceremony or you booked an Airbnb, you should plan to have your first dinner as a married couple that night. Cooking with one another is such an intimate experience while you are making your favorite meal. Or maybe after a long day, you have no desire to cook so you hire a private chef for the evening. Either way, have dinner TOGETHER!

Elopement Trends for 2021

16. Rent a car

With the car of your dreams, you can take so many pictures to have proof of cruising in sty– I mean your big day. If a vintage revamped car is your type, you could borrow from a friend for the night. And if you want a modern sportscar, there are plenty of places you can rent a car like that from! Then you can add the traditional tin cans attached to string and drive away in style! If you think renting a car sounds like the two of you, check out THIS blog here to see how easy it is!

17. Revolve around the sun

Coming from the photographer, golden hour is OUR best friend! Of course, you will get beautiful pictures of your elopement. But the golden effect on your pictures really do add a magical touch. So plan to elope sometime around sunrise or sunset! The golden, creamy light can make for a beautiful collection of photos! Either way, you will finish the day as a married couple. Woohoo!

18. Wedding shoe vows

Before the day of your elopement, you should exchange your planned wedding shoes and write a small excerpt on the bottom of the shoe of something you want your partner to know as their day continues. You could write a quote, how you feel, or promises to one another. Whatever you choose, your significant other will read it as they’re getting ready, and it serves as a reminder as to why your wedding day is happening. This trend is so meaningful and intimate for the both of you.

19. Messages in a bottle (a great elopement trend for 2021!)

One of the most creative elopement trends for 2021 is writing messages to put in a bottle. Write these short letters together on your wedding night and place in a glass bottle of your choice. Putting this on display in your house is a sweet little memento for you and your partner to look at occasionally. Then when your anniversary rolls around, take your letters out of the bottle and read them to each other. Continue the ritual of writing these and opening them the following year on your anniversary. You will have quite the collection as your grow grey and old 🙂

20. Marriage announcement favors

If you are eloping, you probably won’t have hundreds of guests showing up to celebrate with you. But who doesn’t want to show off their new spouse and that BLING BLING? That’s what I thought! So once you have eloped and are ready to announce your marriage, send favors telling all of the important people in your life. Spice it up by adding your favorite elopement photos to announce that you put a ring on it! This allows you to have a keepsake of a sorta kinda invitation to your wedding!

21. Make it picture perfect!

To document one of the most important days of your life, you need someone who specializes in the field of elopements. Pictures are so important for any type of wedding, they last forever! Don’t forget to take a polaroid or two! So make sure to book a photographer that meets your needs of the style and type of wedding. Your photographer/videographer is your ultimate hype person on your wedding day (yeah, that’s us:))!

Summing up our Elopement Trends for 2021

Because 2020 & 2021 have been quite the adventure, elopements are definitely the way to go considering they are cheaper, safer, and a more reliable alternative. Luckily, there are so many ways to continue to make your day special. Hopefully this guide of Elopement Trends for 2021 gave you some good ideas to make your day one for the books!

Annnnnd if you are still looking for your elopement photog, click HERE to chat with us today! We’d love the chance to hear about your beautiful plans and help you plan your elopement!

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21 Elopement Trends for 2021

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