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couple kissing while bridal group is holding colorful smoke bombs in front of a body of water

Okay, okay, okay. Not sure if you know this buuuuuuut… WE LOVE LOVE! So you can catch us taking pictures at all forms of occasions of love. Although we photograph non-LGBTQ couples, our company is a HUGE advocate for the LGBTQ community. So we decided to put together a guide on LGBTQ Wedding Ideas! Check it out below!

1. Smoke Bombs (tried & true LGBTQ wedding ideas)

Something so so so trendy recently is smoke bombs. The smoke bomb idea is something so fun so get your wedding party involved while taking pictures for the ceremony. Obviously, rainbow is the ultimate goal for these colored smoke bombs, as it represents your communion in the LGBTQ community. Like we said, rainbow smoke bombs makes for great photos and a fun time representing something you stand for!

2. Rainbow Cake

Every wedding has to have some sort of cake. Whether you have a micro wedding with a small amount of people, or a huge traditional wedding, the food can play a huge role in how you bring some colors into play. A rainbow cake is great, as it is a traditional cake on the outside and full of beautiful colors on the inside. Or you could have it decorated on the outside with tons of different colors! Another idea is to have your “late night snack” be doughnuts, and have them decorated with colored sprinkles! There are so many things you can do to incorporate the colors into the food.

3. Rainbow Shoes

So many companies have a line of clothing for the LGBTQ community, and we are HERE for it! To doctor up your looks on your big day, shoes are toootttalllyyyyyyy the way to go. Converse sells shoes with rainbow bottoms, which are the CUTEST thing while walking down the isle and getting a glimpse of them in pictures. Another way to incorporate the rainbow colors in pictures is by using rainbow shoe laces! A cute date idea before the wedding is to paint a pair of white shoes together! Then it is a memento of your special day!

4. Rainbow Flag (tried & true LGBTQ wedding ideas pt. 2)

Because the rainbow flag plays such a huge role in advocation for the community, it is a must for your wedding! So put a container of flags out by the path people take to the seating at your wedding. Instruct them to grab one and wave them once the ceremony is finished and you are walking down the aisle. This too makes for a great photo, because it shows the love and support everyone had on your wedding day!

Two women kissing in the middle of isle while guests hold pride flags

LGBTQ Wedding Ideas

5. Love is Love quotes

Now I know what you might be thinking, this. is. cheesy. But stay with us! We have a way to make this oh so aesthetically pleasing and not cheesy at all. There are tons of talented artists on the website Etsy waiting for you to give them all of your best ideas to turn into masterpieces… find an artist that makes something that close to you. Maybe that is a neon light up sign to hang behind you at the head of the table, or a giant wooden carved plaque, or honestly whatever your heart desire‘s – Etsy probably has an artist for you!!

6. Fingerprint Picture

Okay, hear us out. Purchase a customized canvas with your Mr./Mrs./Mx. titles, new last names, established dates, etc. Make sure it is on a white canvas with black writing. Then purchase a multi colored ink pad. Have your guests stamp their finger onto the canvas to fill the canvas and make it colorful. This canvas can be hung in the home you share and used as decoration or a conversation piece!

sprinkle doughnuts lined up on a wall as mentioned above as  lgbtq wedding ideas

7. Customized M&M Favors(More Sweet LGBTQ Wedding Ideas)

M&M has this SUPER cool service where they customize M&M’s to the design you prefer! You can order specific colors with the designs too! Some ideas you could make for your design are your new last name, the Mr./Mrs. titles, your wedding hashtag, #pride, and SO. MANY. MORE. Once you have those, put them in a clear container an hand them out as favors at the reception. Taste the rainbow;)

9. Rainbow Photo Props

Something guests absolutely love at weddings are photo booths! Your heard us! Who doesn’t want proof that they were at a wedding with some people they LOVE!? Exactly! So do yourself a favor and get yourself that photo booth! You could have pride themed props and the papers could be pride themed as well. Also, you could provide a polaroid camera for your guests. they snap a picture of them and put it in the photo album you designated for it! Btw, they make rainbow colored film:) Get creative!

LGBTQ Wedding Ideas Continued…

shoes, flowers, jewelry, and invitation laying together for lgbtq wedding ideas

10. Rainbow Striped Wine Label

If you don’t have a bottle of whatever your choice of drink is at your wedding, are you even getting married?? No but really, get SOMETHING and get two of them! One to drink the night of, and one to have for safe keeping and maybe an anniversary down the road! Either way, get a bottle and customize your own bottle label to make it YOURS! From a photographers standpoint, this also makes for a great photo:) Or grab this Pride Themed Barefoot Bubbly to pop on your big day!

11. Include pronoun pins

This is a super current day, trendy way to incorporate pride into your wedding day! Add pins (Make them rainbow or keep them simple) with pronouns for your guests to grab before taking their seats. This will make the day a lot less stressful for some of your guests who may be afraid of being misgendered OR it might just be a fun touch to incorporate as a tribute to your community. We think this idea is just so stinking cute and practical!!

two mens engagement rings laying on top of one another

12. Rainbow Eco-Friendly Confetti Release

Yeah, the smoke bombs and this sort of go hand in hand. But the confetti can get your guests involved during the ceremony. Confetti is cheap and even eco-friendly! Once again, we love creating opportunity for great pictures. So having your guests throw confetti is totally a people pleaser! Checkout etsy for biodegradable confetti!

13. Pride Unity Ceremony

Unity ceremonies are totally in right now. And there are many ways for you to represent your unity, do something that fits you both! Some unity ceremony ideas are braiding different colored ribbon together, pouring different colored sands into a glass, or maybe even a paint throw, depending on game you are! Either way, get creative with it. A unity ceremony represents so much, why not make it represent just a little more PROUD?!

14. Send your guests home with rainbow party favors

This idea TUGS on our heartstrings. How cute is this?! Send your guest HOME with a little pride!! Maybe a fun little rainbow pot to grow flowers in with the seeds and everything! Or how about candles with a rainbow wax center?! This idea is an absolute home run in our opinions.
15. Incorporate lines from the supreme cost ruling for same sex marriage

Heck yeahhhh!! And cue the teary eyes in 3, 2, 1…. it’s a YES from us! Maybe consider adding parts and pieces of this Supreme Court ruling into your ceremony with actual quotes, you could also try having quotes creatively put together to make a poster,
Whether you are eloping or having a wedding, these ideas can be used to great a great look and meaning for your wedding. We hope these ideas are helpful in your wedding planning, as you take on the task of representing pride with you and your friend and loved ones! To see some more LGBTQ content click here! To book us for your LGBTQ+ wedding click HERE.


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LGBTQ Wedding Ideas

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