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Ultimately, Sam (that's me!) fell in love with photography in middle school. I shot my first wedding entirely on film and had to send it to the lab to be developed. When Bryt wanted to spend more time with me she decided to take an interest in photography as well. Now we are an unbreakable duo who loves shooting intimate elopements and weddings! I couldn't be more excited that Bryt found a love in photography as well. Together, we have photographed many weddings (and engagements, families, children) and have learned a lot about what goes into a wedding day. We love the emotion and story telling. We hope that the couple's we work with will forget that we are even there capturing them in their most intimate moments.
Photo Credit: Alyssa Reinhold

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When we were looking for vendors for our wedding, we had to preface and say "we need to let you know that we are a same sex couple". It is a harsh reality in the world that we live in that some people do not believe that marriage can come in all forms. 

For this reason, our philosophy is inspired by three words. Love is Love. We capture your love, no matter what form, in all of its essence. We capture the way your love is, in it's natural way. 

Whether that be late night dates at Taco Bell or long strolls down the water's edge. We are here for it. We hope that when you view your session, you see your connection for all that it is. 

we believe that love is love no matter the form

Our Philosophy


It's our goal to capture the raw, emotional, & real events that happen at your session. Sessions are tailored to fit your personality and goals of your session. We'd love to chat more with you & come up with your dream session!

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