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Ultimately, Sam (that's me!) fell in love with photography in middle school. I shot my first wedding entirely on film and had to send it to the lab to be developed. When Bryt wanted to spend more time with me she decided to take an interest in photography as well. Now we are an unbreakable duo who loves shooting intimate elopements and weddings! I couldn't be more excited that Bryt found a love in photography as well.

We know that relationships are all about balancing our strengths. I (Sam) am the creative mind helping you dream up the right ceremony location that reflects your personalities while Bryt has the analytical mind keeping us on schedule making sure nobody gets lost on the trail - scouts honor!

I’m actually a teacher by day so I’m OBSESSED with educating you on how easy planning an intimate wedding can be and Bryt is an accountant so she makes sure your details are taken care of! Dream team!

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a HIKING adventure is always a good day. 

xo, Sam & Bryt

our philosophy

We believe in 3 simple words: love is love.

We know what it’s like to be rejected by people who don’t believe in those 3 words (even during our wedding planning) so our mission is to make you feel understood - to make you realize that your story is worthwhile and that you are a part of a community!

We value conversations about overcoming adversity and we can’t wait to hear your story!


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