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You might be thinking that you have already seen this couple on our blog before.. and you would be right! B + Caitlin were featured here months ago when we did their engagement session – which was WONDERFUL! Well, they’re back! This time we are coming at you with these lovebirds’ Bonneville Salt Flats LGBTQ Session. Buckle up!

B + Caitlin recap

Bryggs and Caitlin have been together around a year and a half. They first connected over lovely app, Instagram. “Caitlin was featured on a page we both followed (Lex) and I slid into her DMs commenting on her tattoo,” says Bryggs. They have been talking ever since!!!! They are currently living the city life together in Indianapolis! Their favorite things to do together aren’t crazy… they say they enjoy the simple moments together at home with their animals!

Caitlin quotes that she remembers knowing Bryggs was the one after she read a book called “All About Love” by Bell Hooks and came across this passage… “As a society we are embarrassed by love. We treat it as if it were an obscenity. We reluctantly admit to it. Even saying the word makes us stumble and blush…Love is the most important thing in our lives, a passion for which we would fight or die, and yet we’re reluctant to linger over its names. Without a supple vocabulary, we can’t even talk or think about it directly.”- Diane Ackerman. IS THAT NOT THE SWEETEST QUOTE EVER! AND SO TRUE! “I felt this so deeply and felt as though I had waited my whole life for Bryggs” Caitlin also writes to us.

After planning their Utah elopement with them, they decided to do a day after session at the Salt Flats! Clearly we couldn’t have been more excited! Keep on reading to learn more about the Salt Flats!

Bonneville Salt Flats LGBTQ Session

The Bonneville Salt Flats are just west of Great Salt Lake in Utah. The Salt Flats is one of the nicest and most unique setting everrrr and would make the perfect backdrop for any elopement… in our pro opinion haha! They stretch over 30,000 acres along I-80 near the Utah-Nevada border. They were formed when an ancient lake, Lake Bonneville dried up. Because of the unique, salty soil, vegetation doesn’t really grow in most of the areas. You truly just have to see it for yourselves!

This place is rightly named because it is absolutely, perfectly flat and the soil is super salty. How cool?! This flat and salty location looks like a lake covered in snow at first glance… it is one cool place!! We LOVED it and are seriously planning to go right back! Book your elopement there and we can make a trip out of it, wink wink 😉 You could have your own lil Bonneville Salt Flats LGBTQ Session.

Although the Salt Flats are open year round for the public, the best times to visit are perhaps the summer and fall when activities are happening! Lots of things to see! The Bonneville International Speedway in August is not something you wanna miss…

Are you ready to see these awesome Bonneville Salt Flats LGBTQ Session photos?! Scroll ahead…

Tips for your trip

  • Meet your friends at the rest stop, but be sure to bring your own toilet paper! This spot is also great to drive out on the salt flats. But be careful!
  • There also aren’t any vendors! Pack a lunch, baby!
  • Good luck on your internet connection! Yikes. The connection out there can be wild.
  • Leave no trace. Clean up after yourselves, peeps!!
  • Be sure to get gas before going, the nearest gas station is about 20 miles away! You do not want to be stranded here!
  • Bring sunglasses, LOTS OF WATER, and sunscreen!
  • Stay for the WHOLE sunset! You will be amazed!

What did we tell ya?! Being at this magical place with B and Caitlin for their Salt Flats couples session was a once in a lifetime matter. We hope you enjoyed the photos, some of our quick facts, and a recap of the love story that is B + Caitlin.

Sam + Bryt

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Bonneville Salt Flats LGBTQ Session//B + Caitlin

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