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10 Reasons You Should Elope in the Midwest - Couple looking lovingly at each other holding hands at their Indiana elopement

Are you thinking about eloping in the midwest? Not sure if there’s anywhere in the midwest to get those gorgeous yet intimate views? Wondering if it’s in your budget? We’ve got you covered (plus some!) In this blog we have reviewed soooo many reasons as to why you should choose the midwest for an elopement! Because, let’s be real… You can elope ANYWHERE! These are our top 10 reasons you should elope in the midwest!

Elope in the Midwest // 10 Epic Reasons Why

1. We have beaches!

You want a beach wedding but don’t want to travel too far? Look no further! There are plenty of beautiful beaches to elope in the Midwest. With the Great Lakes region hosting some big beautiful beaches, you can get those alluring views. If you are too far from the Great Lakes, or they just aren’t your jam, you can also find some other beautiful beaches at lakes that may be even closer to you. With a smaller local lake beach, it may also be more secluded as well. This can give you allllll of those intimate vibes plus the privacy you might want!

Some epic beach elopement spots include:

10 Reasons You Should Elope in the Midwest - Woman looking down at flowers at Indiana Beach Elopement in Lafayette, Indiana

2. Let’s Elope NOW!

You want to get married like yesterday. You lovebirds just cannot wait any longer and want to elope. The great thing about the Midwest is since nobody is flocking here in droves to elope, most of the locations you may have in mind, just might be available. In other words, you’ll have an elopement like nobody else! Choosing an elopement in the Midwest means that you can plan it in just a few short months! But don’t forget your marraige license and to apply for a permit for any park that you might choose! Your elopement photographers (that’s us!) can help you with any permits you may need!

3. State Parks // Elope in the Midwest

The Midwest is home to so many gorgeous state parks! This makes for a great selection of must-have features. Some state parks like Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby, IL have private cabins, perfect for preparing for your special day, as well as relaxing together as newlyweds. 

Some epic State Park elopement spots include:

10 Reasons You Should Elope in the Midwest - Bride leads her groom through a path at Brown County State Park in Indiana.

4. Cost Efficient

Seeing that the Midwest isn’t your typical elopement destination, you will likely find that things are considerably more affordable. If you’re trying to keep your budget in check, the Midwest might just be your place. In other words, you can spend less and still have an amazing elopement. The Knot shared that the average price of a wedding in 2019 was $33,900!!! Can you imagine spending half if not only 1/4 of that amount for your elopement?! That’s like buying a whole car with the leftover amount! Think about ALL of the money you will save by eloping in general, but add Midwest to that and it’s so much more! Especially if you don’t have to buy plane tickets!

5. Chase Waterfalls

A little known fact about the Midwest is, there’s waterfalls all over the place. Of course some waterfalls are bigger than others, but nevertheless any waterfall would make a beautiful elopement location. Some states even have waterfalls in their state parks! With this in mind, try looking for waterfalls in Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and even Ohio. If you are in Indiana, here is a link to the best waterfalls from our own blog!

6. Seasons Change

What do you think of when you think of spring or fall? Do you think of breathtaking colors filling the trees and flowerbeds? The Midwest fall and spring seasons are full of beautiful colors. Let me tell you, during fall you can find apple orchards, pumpkin patches and sunflower fields a plenty. Our springtime offers flowers and trees in full bloom, as well as soft colors all around. I love watching the seasons change around here.

7. Sunsets

Do you ever scroll Instagram and see a gorgeous sunset and think “Dang! I would love to see that for myself?” I have the answer! Elope to the Midwest in the fall. I’m not kidding. During the fall months is when our local farmers are harvesting, and somehow all the dust in the air gives our sunsets a magical glow! Eloping at sunset in the midwest is seriously THE BEST! Plus there isn’t anything much better than taking in a sunset with your new lover!

10 Reasons You Should Elope in the Midwest - Bride kissig groom at sunset in Indiana Elopement.

8. Climb A Mountain // Elope in the Midwest

I have recently learned that we have mountains here. Who knew!? Specifically, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan there are some breathtaking mountains called the Porcupine Mountains. Can you just imagine, hiking to the top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful lake and saying your vows to the love of your life? ?

10 Reasons You Should Elope in the Midwest - Dome cabin in the trees along the rocky coast of Lake Superior.

9. Unique Airbnbs

The great thing about us mid-westerners is that we’re a little ~quirky~. Therefore, we have some pretty awesome Airbnbs , like this barn in Iowa or this dome on Lake Superior. I mean, how cool are those!? The dome on the lake is a perfect location to hike down at sunset to the rocky shore for your elopement. Have we sucked you into an airbnb elopement? HERE is a blog post containing ALL of the epic midwest airbnbs for elopements!

10 Reasons You Should Elope in the Midwest - Silver Lake Sand Dunes at sunset with desert like views.

10. Faux Desert Views // Elope in the Midwest

Lastly, Midwestern sand dunes are the embodiment of desert like awesomeness. Specifically, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes near Mears, Michigan. When I picture an elopement on the sand dunes, I picture something out of a movie. Even though you will have sand in your shoes, as well as other places (LOL), it will be totally worth it!

If you’re still on the fence about eloping in the midwest, check out this other post for other spots/locations for eloping in Central Indiana! We hope you found this blog helpful and we can’t wait to see why you choose to elope in the midwest! And as always, if you are looking for a photog for your epic elopement or if you need some help planning, you know where to find us 😉 Contact us HERE!

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Elope in the Midwest // 10 Epic Reasons

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