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Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding - Newlyweds pose together at the Fowler House

Let’s talk about some amazing EPIC Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues! One of the best parts about eloping at an Airbnb is that you get to start your honeymoon right away! Just send everyone away and get started on soaking in allllll those newlywed vibes! In this blog we’re going to show you several Midwest Airbnb wedding venues, including a yurt, a few cabins and a treehouse or two! So grab a glass of wine and a cozy blanket and check ‘em out!

Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Iowa
  • Missouri
  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Ohio

Weddings + Airbnbs

So, we know when you hear ‘wedding’ your mind doesn’t automatically picture an Airbnb. But first, hear us out! You can totally get married at an Airbnb! First, you have to figure out WHERE you want to go. (We suggest the Midwest! ?) And then, you just need to book your favorite Airbnb near your location, that fits your needs. (We’ll talk about this some more a little later.)

Reception Only

If you two are the adventurous kind, then a hike to a gorgeous location and a party afterwards could be your cup of tea! So, that’s where your Airbnb location comes in! You can hike to a remote location, then, head to your Airbnb to celebrate with your friends and family. Not to mention, at the end of the evening you and your new spouse can enjoy the Airbnb and start your honeymoon!

Top Tips + Questions for Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues

Does the host allow weddings/gatherings?

You’ll want to communicate with the host of the Airbnb and be upfront about your intentions of what you’re doing at their property. First, you want to make sure they allow events and gatherings there, or else you may be asked to leave without warning. Some Airbnb listings specifically say they do not allow events or gatherings, so be mindful of that. However, if it’s not specified, you will still want to contact the host as a courtesy.

Where is it located?

If you’re saying your vows one place and having a reception elsewhere, you’ll want to make sure the two are kind of close to each other. I mean, you don’t want to drive two hours just to get there! So keep that in mind when choosing your Airbnb. Also, think about travel, if you’re driving how long it will take to get there, or if you’ll need to take an airplane.

What is the layout and design?

Another thing you’ll want to check is the bathroom to people ratio (no potty accidents please!), as well as ample parking! Another thing to look into is if it represents you as a couple. You want a location that represents who you are, your vibe and aesthetic, that way it feels like an authentic experience of you! A design feature you may be interested in would be the outdoor landscaping, views, and just the space as a whole.

Check the reviews

Be honest, how many times have you bought something on Amazon without checking the reviews first? Without a doubt, I know that’s is a big fat zero for me! I’m always checking reviews and comparing my options. Remember, your choices for Midwest Airbnb wedding venues are absolutely no different. Read those reviews with a fine-tooth comb and compare your top 5 choices. Reviews are awesome because you’re getting someone’s real thoughts and experiences with that particular Airbnb host.

Go and see it!

One of the final, yet most important steps to having an Airbnb wedding is seeing your venue in person. Even with all the reviews and photos in the world, nothing is better than seeing the venue in person. When you are there in person you can start imagining your wedding day there, and making your dreams a reality.

Does it allow pets?

This one is specifically for all the pet lovers out there! Obviously, we just HAD to include this question! You can’t forget about your pups (or cats ha!). Be sure to check with the host to see if they allow pets and the weight limit restrictions! Fido will sure be glad you included him on your big day!

Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues

North Dakota

Let’s start this out right with a gorgeous location! Summit Stay B&B is undeniably spacious and comfortable with scenic farm views located in the heart of North Dakota. This AirBnB offers many attractions and locations nearby that are perfect for your ceremony. Check out Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge (only 5 miles away!) or Chase Lake National National Refuge (40 miles away). The front porch on this location is a dream for relaxing and cuddling up with a cozy blanket at the end of your day!

Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding - Scenic Buckhorn Ranch Cabin - Overlook view of the ranch
Scenic Buckhorn Ranch Cabin

Particularly, one of the biggest reasons our couples elope is they want to be alone, just the two of them (plus their officiant & photographer ?). This scenic ranch and cabin is perfect for that! Enjoy using the private ranch property, and shared public access to the neighboring Little Missouri Grasslands, which are administered by the US Forest Service. The north and south units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park are within 40 minutes driving distance of the cabin! The views here are one in a million, you NEED to at least click the link to check ‘em out!

South Dakota

Are you an equestrian? Load up your horses and head on out to this Black Hills Equestrian Resort! Enjoy this peaceful mountain setting on 20 secluded private acres with your guests! Bonus! There’s an event space below the condo that you can use for an additional fee, after you’ve contacted the host. This is the perfect location to adventure to a ceremony location and then have your reception back at the stable. Even if you’re not bringing your friends on hoofs, this venue is gorgeous!

Calling all firepeeps! This one’s for you! Don’t miss this fun fire tower house just minutes away from Custer National Forest! Adventure to Custer National Forest for a romantic ceremony and then head back to the fire tower for a small reception. Another thing to note, this cabin is less than a mile from beautiful Cascade Springs! Don’t forget to pack a doggie bag! Yes, this one allows your 4 – legged friends too!


Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding - The Boathouse at sunset with view of  lakefront
The Boathouse

Oh my goodness! Look at this boathouse in the middle of Nebraska! What!?!?! This is one of those locations PERFECT for your ceremony and reception! This probably won’t be the place you want to stay the night since there’s not actually any bedrooms, but they do offer some air mattresses if you need. This location is set up for entertaining your guests. For a perfect ceremony head out to the island at sunset with your lover.

Another hidden treasure awaits! This Lake Mcconaughy Retreat is a perfect place for your elopement! I mean, check out those views!! This location is sure to give you some gorgeous backdrops for your ceremony and your photos. There’s just a short walk to a private beach.This host does have a very strict no pets policy, so that is something to keep in mind if you are planning to bring your 4-legged furry friends with you.


Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding - The StoneHouse's open-air patio and courtyard
The StoneHouse – Historic Limestone Estate

This beautiful estate is a perfect getaway for your elopement! The open-air patio and courtyard will welcome your wedding party with open arms. Wander around the estate with your love and photographer for some magical photos. We think this is an awesome venue because of all the great features it has to offer!

Escape to this amazing rustic cabin in Cedar Vale, Kansas. While there, explore this cabin and its surrounding property for your perfect ceremony spot and photos. In this case, the possibilities are endless! The private dock gives you the opportunity for a lakeside ceremony or some lakeside photos. You will certainly be able to relax and enjoy your day together at this cabin. If it’s a cold night, enjoy snuggling up in front of the fireplace with your love.


Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding - Stunning view of St Croix River from the Castle.
Castle on St Croix River

This Minnesota Castle gives us allll the feels. This castle is what fairytale wedding dreams are made of. Rearrange the furniture a bit and you will have a beautiful setting in the great room in front of the windows. We don’t know about you, but one of the perks about your wedding day is everybody is already treating you like  royalty anyways, where better than a castle!   

What’s that? A dome you say? You got it! Head up to the geodesic dome cabin on Lake Superior for your magical midwestern elopement. This dome cabin offers so many places to have your ceremony. One of our favorite ideas would be to set up some candles on the rocky shore at dusk for a very romantic ceremony and magical photos. After all, who doesn’t love a secluded elopement!?


The Schafer Century Barn in Adair, Iowa is MADE for Airbnb Weddings! Stop reading, click that link to check it out (& then come back LOL)! We LOVE that this venue is set up for your wedding day, including a bridal suite! The barn gives some magical vibes when decorated (check out their insta @schafercenturybarn). Please someone book this venue + us! Ha!

Eagle’s Nest Cabin

The Eagle’s Nest Cabin sits on a few acres of woods, with a few different hiking trails to check out. There is also public ground and the South Bear Creek right across the road from the cabin that may be a great location for your ceremony. After your big day, check out one of the several kayaking places just a short drive from the cabin. Another great thing about this location is that the Mississippi River is less than 30 miles away, which could also be a great site for your ceremony!


When you think of Missouri, do you think of the beauty of the Ozarks like we do?! This cozy cabin along James River is tucked in the trees of the 25 acres of river front property. Before your big day, take a ride on the UTV included in this stay to explore the trails of the property to find your perfect ceremony location. To be honest, if you go here, you might not want to leave! Haha!

TreeLoft at BaseCamp

OMG! We are LOVING this modern tree house loft!! WOW! This remote treehouse loft is nestled into the woods of a gorgeous 120 acre farm. I would LOVE to see a intimate ceremony on that deck with some twinkly lights as well as some candles at dusk! Can you just imagine how STUNNING that would be?! If you’re looking for an intimate place to elope, THIS is it!!


Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding -

Up next, is this rustic secluded cabin in the woods that you WILL NOT want to miss! Adventure down to the babbling brook at sunset with your crew for a magical ceremony. There’s enough room here for your closest family and friends. Not to mention, if you want to use this cabin as a reception area, the cabin is nestled in a quiet valley just miles from the Mississippi River.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out A YURT! Yes, you read that right, a yurt. Head out to this private yurt in Cable, Wisconsin on Perry Lake. Perry Pines Yurt, as it’s called, is a perfect experience for all seasons. In the summer, imagine stepping out of the patio door to sit on the curved deck that faces the lake. On the other hand, in the winter, return to the yurt after a day of skiing and enjoy the warmth of the wood stove. On the positive side, your 4-legged furry friends are welcome too!


This adorable gain bin turned Airbnb is all sorts of cuteness. We are loving all the vintage decor, as well as the view! You’ll love this place because of the coziness, the unique-ness, & the quiet outdoors. Say your vows outside in front of a gorgeous sunset. Wrap up your visit by watching the trains go by from the upper deck off the bedroom as you sip your morning coffee.

Let’s elope to Spain… errr we mean Illinois! This epic location offers the feeling that you’re abroad while staying close to home and keeping that price tag a little lower. You two could head to Chicago for a ceremony and then head to the villa for a reception with your friends and family. The villa offers 5 patios as well as a cantina and hot tub! We think this is the perfect hidden gem in Illinois!


Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding -
photo by Indy Hostel on Airbnb

Undoubtedly The Indy Hostel is just about anything you can want it to be. A place to get ready plus a gorgeous outside venue to exchange your vows. You can even stay the night and enjoy their space after your ceremony! We also love the location and versatility the Indy Hostel has to offer. The easiest way to get in contact with them is to call them! Hang some strings of lights from the patio + a candlelight ceremony is perfect for this spot!

Welcome to Schönbrook Farm & Inn in Howe, Indiana just 8 miles from Shipshewana! This beautiful farm offers amazing decor, especially for those who enjoy the Colonial time period. This property offers so many options for ceremony sites, as well as backdrops for beautiful photos. During your visit make sure you head on over to Shipshewana to find some magnificent treasures.


Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding -

Beautiful views on a beautiful beach! This stunning cabin on Lake Michigan is perfect for your elopement in any season! Another awesome feature, Muskegon State Park is just a short drive away for your ceremony, or if you prefer walk down to the shore for a beachy ceremony. The huge cabin offers plenty of space to stretch out, relax and enjoy wedded bliss!

Meet The Barn of Three Oaks, Michigan. The Barn is everything your modern farmhouse dreams are made of! The curved ceilings inside the barn give us ALLLLL the vibes! This beautiful property is a short drive to Lake Michigan and Warren Dunes State Park. A cute ceremony backdrop would be right on the front porch with some string lights draped between the front posts. After all, this one does look like a prime location for spectacular sunsets!

The True North Cabin is sure to be a perfect spot for an elopement! This cabin is situated in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula and is a 2 acre, private location with nearly 300 feet of water frontage! Can you imagine saying your vows while hearing the sound of the waves?! The coolest part is that this cabin was actually designed in Portland, Oregon as a ski chalet in the 1950/60s!


Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding -

Holy WOW! Check out this stunning barndominium in Hocking Hills, Ohio! The dark exterior feels so cozy and the inside is simply stunning! Another fun idea for your ceremony would be saying your vows right on the front porch in the dark with some soft glowing lights. Before your ceremony, wander around the property for some magical photos with your love at sunset.

A shipping container?! Heck yes! The Lily Pad, as it’s called, is nestled on 13 acres of woods just 2 miles from the entrance of Old Man’s Cave in Logan, Ohio. One of our favorite things about this property is those gorgeous views! This shipping container is so neat with it’s glass garage door that opens for that open floor plan. This property also has plenty to explore outside as well.

Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding

Are you finally ready to start narrowing down your Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venue choices? Or you’re not sure where to start? Can’t decide if you want a full on wedding or an elopement? We can most certainly help you with that! Fill out our contact page and we can help you get started! And just a reminder be sure to check with the airbnb to make sure that they allow weddings BEFORE you book! 🙂 Happy planning!

Sam + Bryt

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Midwest Airbnb Wedding Venues// How to Host an Airbnb Wedding

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