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Thinking of eloping in the great US of A?! This is the blog post for you! These are our picks for The USA’s Top 20 Elopement Locations! Looking for a spot to elopement that looks like it is right out of a movie scene?? Or maybe the plane from an EPIC music video? WE GOT YOU!!!!! We have compiled a list of rave reviewed and absolutely jaw dropping locations for you to choose from… Here are The USA’s Top 20 Elopement Locations!

1. St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Cleary the first on our list had to be the very spot where Bryt and I said our vows! (see pic above!) We enjoyed our elopement here a little too much… YOU COULD BE THE SAME WAY! Elope here like us!!!! St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands is such a magical place! The rocks, the blue water, the gorgeous land… YEAH. It is such a one of a kind place, there will be no regrets when you plan your elopement in St. Thomas.

2. Merriman’s Kapalua

Located in the lovely Lahaina, Hawaii… this spot is priceless. The beautiful rock filled coast line allows for the sun that sets off the island to glow through the cracks, all of this making for extradorinaiy photo opportunities. The Merriman’s Event Team supplies amazing “farm to table” meals that are 90% locally grown… YUM!!!! All events taken place at the Merriman’s Kapalua are ran by a talented event team making your stay STRESS FREE!

3. Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is a town known for the best mountains in the entire state of Colorado… and that is saying A LOT as there are hundreds of mountains to choose from in this state!!!! There is so much to do here and that is why it makes the list! If you are looking to elope in the winter, ski at the Telluride Ski Resort. If you are visiting in the other warmer seasons, HIKE!!!! Our favorite! The mountains will make a spectacular background for any elopement.

ski resort in Colorado

4. Glacier National Park

AHHH WE LOVE THE PARKS! Everybodyyyy loves the National Parks and name a better place to elope??? If you choose this place, the best times to go is the late summer through early fall as it’s the only time of year you can drive the infamous route “Going to the Sun Road.” Glacier National Park is located in the big sky country state of Montana and it also about as close to Canada as it gets! This location is SO unreal!! You won’t regret this elopement spot!

5. Capital Reef National Park

Again with the National Parks – YOU CANNOT GO WRONG! This gem is found wayyyy out in Utah!!! This is a state known for their parks with ginormous plateaus… this one is no different! While the Capital Reef is not as well known and populous as the states other attractions, it is just as GORGEOUS! Make your elopement unique and one of a kind by packing your bags and heading towards Capital Reef National Park!

capital reef park in Utah

6. Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort

Are y’all looking to spend some time in Florida?! We got a resort just for you! Elope here at the Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort in the city of Miami Beach, Florida!!!! What is better than some time on the beach?! Beach time is our FAVORITE time! Say your “I Do’s” on the beach and head straight to the Nobu Restaurant to indulge in some of the best of meals everrr!

7. Bourbon Orleans Hotel

NEW ORLEANS, BABY! This is your best bet to find a good post-elopement celebration! Enjoy a stay at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in THE New Orleans, Louisiana. Elope in style in the big city or have your ceremony at the hotel itself in their beautiful 5 star facility. This party city would make for one heck of a elopement and after party!

8. Spruce Peak

Are you searching for an epic place to elope on the East Coast?! Listen up, we have a perfect pick for you! Located in Stowe, Vermont — the Spruce Peak lodge is to die for. A notable eloping resort, this place is comforting with views to go right along with it. A super affordable place to lodge and exchange vows… this is YOUR PLACE!!!

9. Sanderling Resort

You can have some adventure in your elopement just like that of the TV show The Outerbanks… where can you do this? The Outerbanks. HA!!! Live out all of your Netflix show dreams and elope to the banks. Stay at the Sanderling Resort and enjoy alllll of the beaches, sights, and FOOD! Specifically the food.

10. Mount Katmai

At first glance, this Alaskan location might seem far fetched… but how else are you supposed to pull off an extravagant without some far fetched ideas?! 🙂 Looking for snow? This is your place. Looking for somewhere in Alaska? This is your place. Looking for the most unique elopement pictures ever? THIS IS YOUR PLACE. Take a winter hike up to Mount Katmai for an day you will neverrrr forget.

11. Breckenridge, Colorado

Another one of our personal favorites! We just photographed our most adventurous elopement YET at this very location! Make yours the next 😉 Breckenridge is another city in Colorado that is just… so… dreamy. Elope and then ski the rest of your days away in this state known for its outdoor recreation and big open skies.

couple eloping in Colorado

12. Antelope Canyon

Red rock, ethereal lighting, and unreal natural backdrops… what else do you need?! This one of a kind canyon is located in Arizona and is yours for eloping! Antelope Canyon is hard to beat. Take some of the educational tours of the fantastic canyon and elope the very next day. Sounds like a picture perfect plan to us!!!

antelope canyon

13. Waimea Canyon

Another top Hawaii pick!!! You can’t go wrong in this island state. Waimea Canyon will leave you absolutely speechless… just get through your vows first! Elope in the state of your dreams and then spend the rest of your vacay hiking in the canyons or swimming in the ocean! A DREAMMM!!!

14. Otter Cliffs

Otter cliffs is perfect for those searching for more East coast options! Located up in Maine, you can go elope on the Mount Desert Island! It is said any newlyweds who find their way to the Otter Cliffs will also happen to find their way to a life full of love and tranquility. It sounds like this place would be a no brainer, huh?!!!

woman at otter cliffs

15. Aquinnah Cliffs

Moving farther down that same East coast, we find our selves dreaming of the Aquinnah Cliffs in Massachusetts and so should you! Make your dream a reality when you elope in style on the clay beaches and cliffs off the coast of the vivid, blue ocean. That icy, blue water would make an absolutely jaw dropping elopement background, don’t ya think?

16. Great Smokey Mountains

The Great Smokies! Can we get a “HECK YEAH”?! We simply love this place and you will too! Hike your days away and maybe save some time for the elopement?? 😉 Just kidding! Joking aside, you can’t go wrong eloping in the Great Smokey Mountains. There is tons of scenery for some epic pictures and plenty to do when you are done exchanging vows.

couple laughing in great smokey mountains

17. Lake Tahoe

Lets talk about Nevada! Nevada might be known for Las Vegas but eloping at Lake Tahoe is no gamble!!!! 😉 This is the largest alpine lake in the ENTIRE country! Spend your day exchanging vows and hiking the nature and then spend your night watching the stars. Nevada is known for its ability to rock the astrophotography world because of their clear night skies full of stars.

18. Sundance, Utah

Personally, we would want to elope here just to be able to say we eloped in a town called “Sundance.” LOL! Isn’t that a beautiful name?! Elope next to a lake at dawn with Sundance Resort and BOOM! You look like a scene straight out of a painting. The tranquil mountains and the placid lake make for all of the best, peaceful elopement vibes.

car driving in Sundance Utah

19. Big Sur

Do we have any forrest lovers here??!!! This is your PLACE, y’all! The towering trees of Big Sur in California create the perfect enchanted forest effect for any elopement. This coastline getaway is perfect for hiking and camping… fill your week with a storybook elopement and camping!

big sur California

20. Rattlesnake Ridge

With a name as badass as that… you can’t go wrong! Elope on the side of a cliff with onlooking pine trees and Washington haze in the background at the Rattlesnake Ridge. This is one of our favorite west coast picks and we won’t be surprised if it is one of yours too! There is nothing not to love! SERIOUSLY!


We obviousy couldn’t JUST list 20! There are just so many amazing places you could elope in the US! So here are a few bonus spots that we know you’ll love! Don’t see a place that you love on the list? Add it below so we can share it with everyone!

White Sands National Park

Did you like our Alaska pick but not a fan of the bitter cold?? Here ya go! Elope at White Sands National Park and get all the colors and aesthetics of the snowfall in Alaska but with all of the warmth of New Mexico! The clear sky and icy white sand create the most perfect picture… your elopement could not go wrong in a spot like this!

person hiking white sands national park

Colombian River Gorge

And Lastly, but not least, we have a pick from Oregon. Oregon is one of our favorite places on the map, it’s looks and vibes are simply unbeatable! Columbia River Gorge does not disappoint either! Elope at the Abandoned Stone House and get all of the vintage-y feels for your elopement photos. The moss growing over the decaying stone creates an effect like no other… it is simply magical.

person at waterfall in Colombian River Gorge

Cracker Lake

Back to Montana!!!!! Montana is a drop dead gorgeous state and would be perfect for any elopement! Pick your park! For this pick, we have chosen Cracker Lake because of how of all of the WIDE OPEN SPACES (cue The Chicks). This lake is a smaller portion of the Glacier National Park that we already mentioned above! The turquoise lake in this park is unreal… it would be perfect for pictures! 😉

And that is all, folks! That is our list of The USA’s Top 20 Elopement Locations!!!! There is a lot to choose from and a lot to take in, but there are some absolutely fabulous locations in this blog we hope you will take into consideration! Want to narrow your elopement location search??? Here is a blog about midwest elopement locations – Click Here!

We hope you found this blog interesting, maybe a little entertaining, and a whole lot of informative! This was The USA’s Top 20 Elopement Locations!


Sam + Bryt

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The USA’s Top 20 Elopement Locations

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