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When you plan an elopement, it is just about the two of you! But sometimes you may want to find ways to include your family in your elopement! Here are our top ten ways to make your family + friends feel just as connected wit the two of you, without actually being there!

Top 10 Ways to Include Your Family in Your Elopement

1. Letters

Letters are such a perfect way to include your family in your elopement! Have them write a letter that you can read on your special day and you instantly will feel connected to them! For example if you wanted to honor your dad/mom at your wedding, you could have them write a letter to your significant other that they can read before your elopement! Then while you are reading the letter, we could capture the moment!

2. Live Stream

If you are wanting family and friends to join you without actually being there, there totally is a way! You could live stream your elopement through social media or even a video chat! You could easily create a group on Facebook and invite certain Facebook friends to enjoy your vows with you! Be sure to buy a phone/ipad tripod so that someone doesn’t have to hold the device! We can easily set it up for you! Another thing to consider is the connection of course. If your out without cell service, this may not be a possibility, but don’t worry… the next item is just as good!

3. Videos

Not having a videographer at our wedding was truly one of our biggest regrets! (You can read more about that here!) But, if you do have a videographer, when you get back that amazing video you can set up a time to enjoy it with your family when you get back from your elopement! Picture setting up the cutest backyard set up to watch the video on a big screen! Enjoy cocktails and champagne with your friends and family while you relive the day through your video! Seriously, the cutest!

4. Have a Send Off Dinner

Before you and your spouse head off to your elopement, you could host a send off dinner to celebrate! Picture having your close family + friends at your house or even at a restaurant! OR when you get back, you could do something similar and have a “welcome” dinner to celebrate your elopement! You could even show off your photos/video then as well!

5. Take Them Shopping For Your Wedding Attire

Depending on how you get your wedding attire, you could have your family and friends go with you to try on your attire! Or if you order it online, have them come over for a viewing session! Pop the bubbly when you find the right outfit!!

6. Video Toast

Because we photographers we are probably overly in love with all things media related! Instead of having them write letters as suggested above, have them record toasts and upload them into a Google Drive folder! Don’t peek at them until your elopement day! Watch them after/before your vows and get ready to cue the tears! ha!

7. Toast to YOUR family!

Instead of collecting toast videos from them, record them one on your day! This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to include your family in your Elopement! Then send it to them after you exchange your vows! Imagine your family members getting a sweet toast from the two of you right after your nuptials! So stinking cute!

Include Your Family in Your Elopement- man and woman celebrating their colorado elopement with a bottle of champagne

8. Family Heirlooms/Details

Collect some small little family heirlooms like jewelry or a pocket watch to carry with you/wear on your day! You can wrap them around a bouquet, carry them in your pocket, or wear them! Then whenever you see the item, you’ll think of them! And your family members will know they are with you on your day!

9. Gifts/Stationary

Even though you are eloping, you can still send little party favors or even a cute card that announces you are eloping! Think cute themed cookies or even a “themed” candy to share where you are eloping! Or You could also send letters/cards announcing your elopement and asking them to send you well wishes!

Include Your Family in Your Elopement- ring laying on a letter seal with stationary in colorado elopement

10. Have a Wedding Tour

This one is a favorite for us! After you elope, take the time to make a trip out to different family members + celebrate at their residence! You could plan the trip while navigating a trip across the US! Then while you are visiting with them, share your memories + photos with them! How cool that you would be able to stop in unique places along the way of your “wedding tour”?!

Eloping is Worth it// Include Your Family in Your Elopement

Either way, we think you are incredibly brave + bold to choose an elopement! Eloping with just the two of you shifts the perspective of a wedding day entirely to what the two of you want! It’s all about your relationship and how YOU TWO envision your day! While some of your family may not agree with your choice, know that you can include them in the various ways above! They can love, support, and celebrate you whether in person or from afar! We hope that you learned a few ways to include your family in your elopement!!

If you are ready to plan an elopement, check out this blog for some inspiration!

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Include Your Family in Your Elopement// Top 10 Ways

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