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Did you know that Indiana has over 200 waterfalls?! We are excited to share with you THE best waterfalls in Indiana! We are going to rank the falls for you by easiest access! That way you can plan your future trips accordingly (:

Best Waterfalls in Indiana- Man and woman walking away from McCormick's Creek Falls in Spencer, Indiana

Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls is a part of the Lieber State Recreation Area! This water fall has an upper and a lower area. The upper is 30 feet and the lower is 15 feet! The address for the Falls is 1317 W Lieber Rd Cloverdale, IN 46120! Visitors will need to pay an entrance fee to enter the park and then it is a short hike across the bridge that spans Mill Creek to get to the waterfalls. This waterfall is ranked #1 in Indiana!

Best Waterfalls in Indiana- Gorgeous Cataract Falls in Cloverdale, Indiana.

Anderson Falls

The Anderson Falls are located in the Anderson Falls Park State Nature Preserve! The address is 3201, 3699 N 1140 County Rd E, Hartsville, IN 47244. The waterfall cascades over 10 ft in height! This waterfall is absolutely BEAUTIFUL during all seasons! Anderson Falls is alongside the road you can park near by and take a short walk to view it!

Best Waterfalls in Indiana- Flowing waterfall at Anderson Falls Park State Nature Preserve in Hartsville, Indiana.

France Park Falls

France Park Falls is actually in France Park near Logansport Indiana! The address is 4505 US-24, Logansport, IN 46947. France Park was built around an old rock quarry. Swimming is not available at this waterfall in Indiana! They are unsure if this water fall was already in the park, or if it was created by mining rock! HOW COOL?!

Clifty Falls

Clifty Falls State park is home of 4 waterfalls! To get to Big Clifty Falls you will need to hike a 3.4 mile round trip along a looped path and while you’re there you will also want to go just a little further on that path to hit up the Little Clifty Falls! The address is 2221 Clifty Drive Madison, IN 47250. This is a fairly easy trail so feel free to bring your dog along!!

McCormick’s Creek State Park

McCormick’s Creek State Park is a limestone canyon flowing creek! This is Indiana’s FIRST state park. The waterfalls definitely highlight this area. So first on your list would be the waterfalls, NEXT you should checkout the hiking trails! This State Park is located at 250 McCormick’s Creek Park Road
Spencer, IN 47460! This Park is loaded with things for you and you and you loved ones to do together!

Best Waterfalls in Indiana- Flowing waterfall at McCormick's Creek State Park in Spencer, Indiana.

Turkey Run State Park

Hiking trail number 9 is home of a great waterfall! It is not the biggest, but it is beautiful! Be careful! This is a very rugged 1-mile trail that is also the best one on which to see virgin wood. Trail number 3 will also bring you to an amazing waterfall! Turkey Run State Park is famous park and it is located at 8121 Park Rd, Marshall, IN 47859.

Spring Mill State Park

Spring Mill State Park is another GREAT adventure/historical spot. The waterfall in this park flows from several cave springs led to the founding of an industrial village in the early 1800s. This water never froze! The pioneers used it to power gristmills, a wool mill, a saw mill, and a distillery! How cool is that?! This park continues to share the knowledge of how nature continues to shape us. This park is located at 3333 State Road 60 E.
Mitchell, IN 47446. This is a MUST on our best waterfalls in Indiana list!

Best Waterfalls in Indiana- Flowing waterfall at Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Indiana.

Williamsport Falls

Williamsport Falls is in Williamsport Indiana! This waterfall is often dry! Sometimes you might hear this waterfall being called “Dry Falls”. The best time to visit this waterfall is after a big rain, or when the snow is starting to melt. This is the HIGHEST free falling waterfall in Indiana! After a big rain you need to check this one out!

Hemlock Cliffs

Hemlock Cliffs is last BUT not least on our Best Waterfalls in Indiana list!! The waterfalls here are seasonal, so make sure to catch it during the rainy days! This waterfall is made of sandstone formations and it waters many trees and plants that grow in this valley! Make sure to add this to your list!

Best Waterfalls in Indiana- Flowing Hemlock Cliffs waterfall in English, Indiana.

Well there you have it! We have listed 9 waterfalls that made it to the best waterfalls in Indiana! If you visit any of these waterfalls let us know which ones you liked best! If you know of any that we didn’t list reach out to us and let us know! We would love to hear about your favorites. We are always up for an adventure!

Best Waterfalls in Indiana- Man and woman kissing at McCormick's Creek Falls in Spencer , Indiana

If you would like to see our engagement session at McCormick’s Creek State Park (the falls!) click HERE! We cannot wait to see what adventures you take while looking at all of these beautiful falls!


Sam + Bryt


Best Waterfalls in Indiana

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