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This couple is right out of a movie… for reallllll. As LGBTQ Friendly Photographers, you can’t ask for better clients than these two. Together since middle school, Erika and Maddie are quite the match! TODAY we are sharing their love story.

A middle school kinda love

FOUR YEARS AGO, these two took their friendship a step further and started dating! Initially meeting each other in the sixth grade, it wasn’t until freshman year in high school that they truly began talking! The story goes that Maddie made the first move. Erika shares that she was honestly pretty intimated by Maddie when they first met… but also thought she was soooo pretty 🙂 Maddie’s first impression mirrors Erikas; Maddie thought Erika was gorgeous!

Together, they’re big homebodies! We can feel that! Maddie and Erika really enjoy watching Netflix and youtube with their kitties… they’re also huge fans of trying new foods and restaurants.. especially now that they just recently moved to West Lafayette!! We recommend The Igloo to any West Lafayette newcomers. 😉

These girls LOVE The Killers. At their session, we talked music. And we talked a lot about it. We listened to a Killers playlist the whole time and – y’all! You have to check them out if you haven’t already. They’re an older band but they also have a ton of new stuff we were TOTALLY jammin’ to while shooing this day!!

Questions from us, LGBTQ Friendly Photographers

Whats something quirky you guys love to do together?! “Most of our entertainment comes from our two cats, we will literally sit around for two hours admiring them and then we catch ourselves and feel like weirdos.”

What do you want to remember about your relationship RIGHT NOW in twenty years?! “How we always have each other’s backs especially within this last year. Also how much fun we have when it’s just us.”

What do you love most about your partner?! Erika… “I really love how smart Maddie is, she teaches something new everyday. I also love how hardworking and dedicated she is!” Maddie… “I love that Erika is an encouraging and understanding person. She’s patient & helps me be a better person every day.”

We bet you are wondering where there session was it?! The sunset, the greens, the forest?! Well, the Celery Bog in West Lafayette, Indiana is perfect for a cute, sunset colored couples session! We love how every session we photograph here is different and unique! Plus, did we mention the sunsets?! After your session you can head to one of our favorite local restaurants (The Bryant) or go explore Purdue’s campus! AWWWW!!! We love this young love and you can see from the pictures just how in love they are… keep scrolling for your proof!

Are these not the freaking cutest pics ever? We have to say this… we are SO JEALOUS of that pink hair, girl! As LGBTQ Friendly Photographers, we love getting to capture moments like these. Shout out to Erika and Maddie and their awesome music taste for a fun night full of pictures! 🙂

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LGBTQ Friendly Photographers// Erika + Maddie

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