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Welcome back everybody…. you all are in for a GOOD ONE today with this Butler Holcomb Gardens Proposal! You heard that right – today we have a proposal coming at you!!! Bring on the lovey dovey vibes and heart eyes because you’re gonna be swooning right alongside us when you’re finished reading about Tyler and Rachel.

Let’s rewind a bit…

The Butler Holcomb Gardens Proposal Backstory

Just over two years ago, the beginning of this love story started being written… or swiped, rather. These two met through Bumble! #InternetWin. “We can’t really remember who swiped first, but I asked her out soon after matching. We had our first kiss at the end of our first meeting.” Isn’t it so funny how we give the internet a pretty bad rap most of the time… not that it usually doesn’t deserve it… but there are also some rather life changing things that can come out of it, too?! Well, they really hit it off and even scheduled their second date shortly before the first one was even over.

Deeper into Tyler and Rachel’s relationship…

Pre-Covid, these lovebirds love going to concerts together – they love The Chainsmokers! We do, too!! They also loved getting out for some weekly trivia with their friends.

Because of Covid, they have to move their weekly trivia online, but its still one of their favorite pastimes! Now, they also have a new pup to keep them company when they’re stuck in the house because of the pandemic. We support the dog decision 😉 We will always support getting more dogs. Everyone needs more dogs, people. Dogs are the best.

When we asked Tyler what about his now wife-to-be and what makes him weak in the knees about her, he answered with this!

“I mean, she’s really cute, so ALL of her. haha. Uhm… Whenever she hears a song she likes, she does a little dance and I just smile and stare every time. Also her smile whenever she says something clever and is waiting for me to acknowledge how funny she is.”

NOW THAT, is a super cute and thought out answer. 10/10.

Leading up to this Butler Holcomb Gardens Proposal…

Tyler knew Rachel was the one for him because she is “the funniest person I’ve ever met.” This is a GREAT quality to have in your significant other, haha! Find someone to keep things fun and light, people!! He also shares it was only THIRTY-SIX days after they had met that he was laying in bed when he realized…. he was in loveeeee. AWE YEAH! And obviously, he liked it, so he had to put a ring on it, and that’s how we ended up here!

Keep scrolling to see the adorable pictures of this Butler Holcomb Gardens Proposal! 🙂 And don’t forget to check out that beautiful ring from Kay Jewelers!

Yeah sooooo… ARE THESE NOT STINKING MAGICAL?! This Butler Holcomb Gardens Proposal was one for the record books over here at SMP! The lighting flowing in perfectly through the trees… the architecture of the park… this couple??? OMG. You can’t beat this!

Click here to head to another blog of one of our couples who got engaged on Butler’s campus!

Thanks for reading, y’all!
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Butler Holcomb Gardens Proposal//Tyler + Rachel

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