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Did you know that every year, the entire world will stop what they’re doing just to celebrate the anniversary of these two getting engaged? Fireworks… champagne… the works. Just kidding, but Claire and Dakota DID really get engaged on January 1, 2021 though! They shared about how the proposal went down and all the details of their relationship during their Midwest Indiana LGBTQ Engagement Session and we are here to share with YOU!

The very start…

These two lovers met online through Bumble! WOOHOOO, internet win! Dakota messaged Claire first! The first thing these girls talked about was their mutual love for Scooby Doo… AW! Obviously, this made the both of them superrrr excited and they instantly felt a familiar comfort toward each other. Claire thought Dakota was sweet and outgoing, and Dakota thought Claire was smart and confident. LOVING THIS.

They have been together about a year and a half and their fav things to do together include taking their dogs on adventures, checking out breweries, and visiting antique shops. Cute! They both mentioned how much they adore the caring natures and persistence of one another and their nicknames for each other is HONEY! This relationship sounds just that… sweet… 😉

The big question…

And the story goes… that Dakota had gotten the ring for Claire months in advanced and even managed to hide it in their apartment! OMG! I could never do that, I would be so nervous they would have found it when I wasn’t there… I guess there is something to be said about knowing your partner 😉

On New Years Eve, Claire and Dakota had just finished watching ‘When Harry Met Sally‘ and the countdown began… 3, 2 , 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Right? Nope! At the end of the countdown when everyone was celebrating the new year and saying goodbye to the wretched 2020… these two were about to be celebrating something so much better.

Dakota got on her knee and asked THE question!! When Dakota initially asked Claire to marry her, Claire’s response to that was, “are you actually asking me?” … ummmmmm YEAH! Claire says she said that before realizing what was even going on LOL but this moment of confusion was followed by moments of happiness and a big “YES!”

During their Midwest Indiana LGBTQ Engagement Session…

There are truly no words for this session! The pictures speak for themselves; we had such good time laughing and glowing in the light of these two! This is one of those loves… ya know, those ones where you can just look at them and understand. Dakota and Claire were made for each other and the way they look at each other + the humor they share between the two of them are frankly, unmatched.

Keep scrolling to see some of the photo goodness we created at their Midwest Indiana LGBTQ Engagement Session.

OKAY are those not some of the sweetest pups you’ve ever seen?! And that FREAKING sunset???? Picture perfect. Literally.

We had the absolute best time with Claire and Dakota at their Midwest Indiana LGBTQ Engagement Session and getting to know their love story and document it was our pleasure. Click here to see another recent session of ours at this location! 🙂

Thanks for reading, y’all!

Sam + Bryt

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Midwest Indiana LGBTQ Engagement Session//Claire + Dakota

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