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Sam + Jacki’s West Lafayette engagement photos are now LIVE! We had a fabulous time during this session at the local Celery Bog and we cannot wait to share their story with you. Sam + Jacki will be together for four years at the end of October. They will be eloping in West Lafayette, Indiana at the SAMARA house on October 2nd, 2020. KEEP READING to see all of their sweet engagement photos!


“What I love most about Jacki is how endlessly thoughtful and considerate she is. Sitting with her and talking through an idea, I am always in awe of her creativity and how she leaves no stone unturned. Whether it is related to work, politics, research, or relationships, she knows how to be mindful of every party and can empathize with people of any background. As a partner, this manifests in small ways like checking with me that I will be comfortable watching something she knows might be tough for me, but it also manifests in big ways.

Jacki is the only person I have met who can put me at ease sharing my deepest vulnerabilities without fear of judgement. I can trust that she will give me the benefit of the doubt and will believe me when I tell her how I feel or when I need help. This is not something I grew up with so it is something I still have to get better at, but I am so thankful that I have a partner as kind and as patient she is. She really is my better half, and I don’t only value her as a partner and a person but as a role model.”


“Sam is a bit of a contradiction. He’s very principled and has some very strong opinions about right and wrong. But he asks deep questions, does his research, forms ideas carefully, and isn’t afraid to change his mind with new information. I always trust his read on a situation.

Sam’s also one of the most caring and considerate people that I’ve ever had the fortune of being around. He makes my coffee every morning. He spends hours talking with friends (or even strangers) to help them think about their futures, especially making sure they have a financial plan. Fitz knows that Sam is the more loving parent. Sam tucks Fitz into bed every night (literally tucks — there is swaddling). If there’s a thunderstorm or fireworks or literally any noise during the night, Fitz walks from where he sleeps on the floor next to my side of the bed, all the way around to the other side where Sam sleeps to be let up to bed to be comforted. I couldn’t ask for anyone better in a partner.”

This couple wrote the most romantic things that they love about each other that we just had to share them with you. They met each other in high school and became friends, then they thought they would give dating a try! Sounds like it worked (:

How They Enjoy Spending Time Together

Sam + Jacki love to talk to each other. They love to do anything together where they can sit and learn more about each other and bounce ideas back and forth. This is adorable! They also love to walk their dog together. His name is Fitz and he is a CUTIE! I mean look at that face!

We hope you enjoyed Sam + Jacki’s West Lafayette Engagement Photos, and reading about this couples love story! Engagement photos give you a chance to meet your wedding photog and of course feel more confident while taking photos on your wedding day! If you would like to see more of our engagement sessions click HERE!


Sam + Bryt


West Lafayette Engagement Photos // Sam + Jacki

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