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classic car rental- bride and groom standing in front of an exotic orange car at their west lafayette indiana elopement

A Guide to Classic Car Rentals For a Wedding

Recently we worked with one of our amazing couples to help them with a classic car rental. It was no easy feat but along the way we learned some tips that we thought we would share! That way, if you want to have a fancy car in your photos, you can easily find the perfect one! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

1. Ask Your Friends

You’d be surprised as to how many people have old + unique cars sitting in their garage. When I posted on my personal Facebook, I was shocked at the amount of people who were willing to share their cars with us! Friends ended up tagging friends and we found a variety of cars within our immediate reach! It’s crazy how many people have sports cars sitting in their garage just waiting to be photographed!

2. Facebook Groups

When we didn’t find the exact car we were looking for, we opened up our search to local Facebook Groups. We listed our specific requirements and the date/time we would need the car. We also listed exactly what we wanted to do with the car so all of the parties understood. You could even include an incentive like a payment or pics of the sweet ride in exchange for the car! This way was probably the most successful. We got at least 30-40 pictures of really cool cars and people who were willing to help out our couple! Posting in your local buy/sell/trade sites just to see what you could find is def a great way to source some neat cars! We certainly were not dissapointed with this route!

3. Enterprise

Enterprise actually rents luxurious cars out. Totally did not know this one! Many major cities have a luxury branch, and you can check to see which cities have this opportunity by clicking HERE. If your local enterprise doesn’t have it, you could drive to a nearby city to get one! With us being in Lafayette, we could drive to Chicago (only a few hours away) and pick up a beautiful ride for our couple! Although we didn’t take this route, we think this is one of the best routes to take!

4. Local Car Shows

Start by attending local car shows and getting to know some of the local car owners. At our local Sonic, they have several car shows in the summer. Many people may be hesitant to share their car with you if you haven’t met in person. So go out and support your local car show and make friends with some of the car owners! Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful classic car rental right at your fingertips!

5. Local Car Groups

Behind every car show may be a great group! We have a community specific corvette group. You can easily do a quick search on Facebook or Google and see who runs the group or who the member may be. We have had friends who have been successful with this for photos! Here are a few local car show websites that we found!

6. Instagram

While searching for an epic car, I stumbled upon the holy grail of cars through hashtags. Who would have thought there were thousands of car owners who have profiles for their cars?! Well, it’s true! And they do! Search specific automobile hashtags and scroll through them to find someone local. You can get creative with your hashtags! But this def works! I had found out that our local football team had posed with a couple of neat cars and was easily lead to the owner by seeing who was tagged in the photos. Then, DM them and let them know about your project!

7. Limo Companies

Our local limo companies have collections of some pretty neat cars. They often rent the “getaway” cars for couples as soon as they walk back down the aisle. So check with your local limo companies to see if they have other cars aside from limos!

8. Turo//Classic Car Rentals

Turo is like the airbnb for car rentals! You can scroll through classic car rentals, exotic and luxury cars, sports cars, and even convertibles! Basically car owners put their car on the site and you can rent through this website! It’s so perfect! There are endless options for cars plus you can even get your car delivered to you! It truly is that easy! Also, what happens if the car breaks down on you?! 24/7 roadside assistance is included! You can download the Turo app HERE!

classic car rental- bride and groom standing in front of an exotic orange car at their west lafayette indiana elopement

Questions to ask once you have found a classic car rental:

  1. Can we get a contract- You’ll have peace of mind and assurance you are covered!
  2. What is the payment requirement?
  3. Can I see pictures? Or better yet, Can I come see it? (Don’t get catfished LOL) See the real deal before booking! If you are actually going to be sitting in it, make sure to see the inside too! Looks can be deceiving.
  4. Can I sit in it? (For real, sometimes people will just let you stand in front of them, and they have this right!).
  5. Can I drive it? (If you want to drive it, be sure that you have legally done everything you need to do just in case something were to happen).
  6. Will you be staying with us while we use it or will you drop it off?
  7. Can it ACTUALLY run or will you have to tow it? (This could add to the cost)
  8. If you are driving it.. be sure to ask if it has heat or air LOL
  9. Do the windows roll down?
  10. Is there any damage to the car that I should be aware of (Especially if you are using it for photos, it’s nice to know this ahead of time)
  11. How long can we use it for?
  12. Is there anything we CAN’T do with it?
  13. Are pets allowed? If you are bringing your pup with you, make sure it is a pet friendly vehicle!
classic car rental- bride and groom standing in front of an exotic orange car at their west lafayette indiana elopement

We hope you enjoyed reading about how to book a classic car rental for your elopement day! If you want to see more photos from this amazing elopement that featured an exotic car, click HERE! Or if you are ready to book us and let us help you find your dream car, scroll down to the contact form below!

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Classic Car Rental For a Wedding// A How To Guide

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