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Hey everybody! Welcome back to our blog! What are we talking about today you may be asking… well do we have a super sweet couple for you! Meet Meagan + Kaleb! This blog is all about their Downtown Lafayette Engagement session and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! SO let’s go!!!

Back to the Beginning

These two love birds met on the infamous, TINDER! Ah, what a great gift social media has been in recent years to everyone… some of us went viral on Tok Tok, maybe got a couple hundred Instagram followers, and some of us found LOVE! Crazy, but we are absolutely here for it!!!!

After their initial Tinder connection, their first date was at Buffalo Wild Wings! YUM! Bryt and I love us some good wings and this is one of our personal favorite places as well!! They officially started dating wayyyy back in the simpler times of 2017, LOL. Meagan says one of her favorite things about Kaleb is how outgoing he is – “he brings me out of my shell!” That is always a great characteristic to look for when finding a partner… someone who helps you find a good balance! Kaleb shares his favorite thing about his soon-to-be wife is how SUPPORTIVE Meagan is! Support is another prime factor to any strong relationship.

The Proposal

THIS IS WHAT WE’RE ALL HERE READING THIS FOR! Haha! Well, they tell us they took a train to Chicago last year to look at alllll of the Christmas lights with parents from both sides! We are a couple of suckers for proposals that include family 😉 Meagan tells us that it was SUPER slushy and gross outside, “the whole time I was thinking why no one had cancelled the trip yet!” Kaleb lead Meagan to the planned proposal spot as soon as they got there.

Ironically, once they got to this planned proposal spot Kaleb asked Meagan to take a picture with him but she answered him with a firm “No,” because she was trying to take her own picture at the time! HAHA!!! We can only assume the panic Kaleb was feeling in this given moment. Finally, Maegan turned around to take a quick pictures with her love and BOOM! There he was down on one knee! She said she was at such a loss for words and combined excitement that all she could do was nod her head! AW!

Their Downtown Lafayette Engagement session

During this sweet as sweet can get session, one of their favorite moments was the fan favorite prompt of ours to “whisper your favorite cereal in your sexiest voice” in the other persons ear! LOL! Meagan could not stop laughing because when Kaleb was given this prompt all he could come up with was “a cereal” making it nearly impossible for his fiancée to not break out in laughter!! It was a super cute shared moment between the two.

Some advice this lovely couple leaves new possible photo clients with is, “Don’t be scared to do the poses the photographer asks you to! They know what they’re doing!” We may be biased but we agree! 😉

Keep scrolling to see all the adorable pictures from this Downtown Lafayette Engagement session…

And you just finished reading the blog all about Meagan + Kaleb and their Downtown Lafayette Engagement session!!! We are so happy you are here and that you chose to stay to the end…. those pictures were surely worth the read! If you are looking for any other West Lafayette, Indiana photoshoots of ours, DON’T WORRY! We have no shortage of those… click HERE!

Happy New Years to you and yours,


Sam +Bryt


Downtown Lafayette Engagement session // Meagan + Kaleb

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