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LGBT friendly wedding vendors// two lgbtq brides walking hand in hand at their indiana lgbtq elopement

LGBT friendly wedding vendors// A simple Approach

Are you a member of the LGBTQ community? Are you engaged? Is your head spinning just trying to figure out how to find LGBT friendly wedding vendors without holding a million interviews, repeatedly coming out to every new person you meet on the phone, or spending the next six months reading reviews and web-stalking the many, many vendors in your region? 

Today, we spoke with Jeannene Lillie Jones-Rupert, a queer wedding planner that specializes in making elopement and wedding plans simple for all of her clients. We chatted a bit about the biggest benefits of hiring a wedding planner, even if you intend to do something simple and here are the biggest takeaways. 

1. Event Planners Do the Leg Work For You

What would it be worth to call one person, and have everything else handled for you? To automatically know that every single vendor, every component of your wedding, was supporting your core belief that love is love? 

That is what it is like to work with an LGBT wedding planner like Jeannene. As a queer woman herself, Jeannene knows how important it is to work with LGBT friendly vendors and to be surrounded by people that accept who you are at the core. 

She set a standard that she will only work with LGBT friendly wedding vendors, so as soon as you get started with her, your problems will disappear. No more vetting the florist, touring venues that just won’t cut it, or enduring uncomfortable conversations with people that aren’t willing to learn more about our community.

Jeannene has all of the connections you will need, without any of the work. The benefits here are undeniable. 

2. Stress-Free Custom Wedding Planning

Beyond removing the stress of trying to locate and vet LGBT friendly wedding vendors, Jeannene has experience in the wedding industry! She believes in showcasing the relationship that her clients have, making each event special, and sometimes those special touches come from years of being exposed to new ideas and simple ceremonies. 

If you are looking to create a unique event, where people show up and say “Wow, this is SO them!”, then hiring a wedding or elopement planner is a good idea. Jeannene specializes in making sure that your special day isn’t just a replica of current trends, but a true celebration of your relationship. 

It takes years of practice to learn how to run an event smoothly, and incorporate all of the components that will make an impact without losing your mind. By hiring a knowledgeable elopement or wedding planner, you will save yourself the headache of planning every little detail. You’ll get an event that is carefully curated to who you are without losing a ton of time, or even money trying things that don’t work or figuring it out on your own.  

LGBT friendly wedding vendors// two lgbtq brides walking hand in hand at their indiana lgbtq elopement

3. Love and Support Come From Surprising Places 

It’s a sad but true reality that as a community, we are still facing adversity, especially when it comes to marriage. LGBTQ marriage has only been legal for about five years now, and the majority of the world is still learning how to accept and understand us. 

Some people are trying really hard to learn how to be inclusive, but they need a bit of guidance. Others will never come around. When you have a big day that is as special as committing the rest of your life to someone, a bit of help is in order. 

Having a wedding or elopement planner gives you one more pillar of support. Your planner should be someone that will show up to support you wholly, helping to address any uncomfortable situations. An extra set of eyeballs on unruly or fence-sitting guests can be the difference between having a small discretion or a full-out confrontation on the big day. 

3. Love and Support Come From Surprising Places Continued…

Additional support can be the difference between focusing on the people that have come to show you their love and support in a way that feels memorable and fulfilling, rather than getting caught up dwelling on those that are unwilling to. 

Hiring an LGBT friendly planner could be the difference between a day that runs smoothly and is full of excitement or ending up with a day that is stressful and disheartening. Someone like Jeannene will know what to expect, and how to handle it, taking you out of the mess and elevating your experience. 

The amount of support that you will get with a queer wedding planner is unmatched when it comes to navigating this new terrain in the LGBT world. The wedding industry is catching up, but until they are all-inclusive, having a knowledgeable, well-connected, and heart-led event planner is well worth it even if you plan to keep your big day small.

Have you considered hiring an elopement or wedding planner for your festivities? We’d love to know! Click HERE to see our LGBTQ+ Vendor Elopement Guide! Or click HERE to see an LGBTQ+ Vendor Elopement Guide. Equally Wed is an amazing company that has some pretty great resources for LGBTQ+ couples!

And click HERE to book THE Jeannene Lillie as your ultimate wedding planner!

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Booking LGBT Friendly Wedding Vendors with Ease

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