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Buckle your seat belts, y’all…. TODAY we have an EPIC blog coming at you in full swing! Let us introduce you to an amazing couple that we were able to photograph a few weeks ago! Today is alllllll about Ashley, Bree, and their Midwest LGBTQ+ Wedding! Whattttt?! YES! You are not ready for this….

Way back when…

Let’s flashback to the beginning; Ashley had a job at their local Texas Road House in Muncie, Indiana! YUM! Welllll it turns out Bree was a regular! Bree and Ashley met because of Texas Road House. That is a MOOD. It was love at first dinner roll 😉 Food really does connect us, doesn’t it?! And even before their wedding, Bree and Ashley were together for nearly 4 years!

One who has never been in love has to wonder… when do you know someone is THE ONE?! Well, lucky for you all, we asked only the most important questions and we have Bree and Ashley’s answer for you. Eeek!!

Bree tells us there were multiple moments in the start of our relationship that led her to believe that Ashley was the one. “Work ethic, passion, religious views, beauty, hardworking, and several other qualities I saw in her were just adding confirmation to confirming that she was the ONE for me.” AW! Those are some pretty darn good qualities to find in the person you spend ya life with! 🙂 EVEN three and a half years later, Bree says still get lots in many moments with Ashley.

To add, Ashley shares there wasn’t one defining moment, but rather a compilation of multiple moments and actions. “Time after time, I saw your kindness and care for others, even for strangers at times.” An example she shares is the time Bree gave a homeless person outside of her job her absolute favorite blanket in the middle of winter. OMGGG. Ashley loves how Bree ALWAYS thinks of other more than herself. “How you NEVER give up. How after every fight, we recover and realize why we are still together.”

Sam + Bryt’s take on this…

THIS! This is what is boils down to at the end of the day and we love that Ashley mentioned it. You are allowed to have big feelings and emotions that don’t necessarily agree and you are allowed to have heated moments together. WHAT MATTERS if that at the end of the day you come together and acknowledge why you are together and WHY you chose to love each other. Love is hard work but in the end, it is all worth it!

The Proposal

These love birds went to Pensacola, Florida for the gay pride festival! FUN! Bree had shirts purchased prior to the start of their awesome trip for their closest friends to wear that said “will” “you” “marry” “me?”. OHHHHHH my stinking heart! SO cute! That isn’t where the cuteness stops because Bree also picked out a beautiful place for dinner on the water with their close group of friends. She had told Ashley how she wanted to take some “cute pictures with the beautiful water scene,” hahaha! Such a perfect way to pull this off.

They took some pictures when she finally motioned to their friends to take off the over shirts and reveal the shirts she had purchased to pop the question! AWWW!!! She pointed to them, snagging Ashley’s attention to them just long enough so Bree could go and drop to a knee. Holy. Perfection. Ironically, they had the words mixed up at first!! HA! Bree took charge and got it good before Ashley saw 😉 Bree dropped to her knee and asked Ashley to marry her!!! Obviously the only way they would have gotten to this point of their Midwest LGBTQ+ Wedding, but She Said Yes.

All The Details

Favorite part of the day?

For Bree, “it was the ribeye, and of course when I first laid eyes on my future wifey.”

For Ashley, “it was the first look.”

Wedding day advice?

For Bree, “don’t forget that this is your day. Whatever happens, just enjoy it.”

For Ashley, “don’t forget to enjoy it.”

Were you nervous?!

For Bree, “absolutely was nervous. I couldn’t feel any part of my body at one point. Laying eyes on my beautiful bride coming down the aisle to me helped me more than you could ever imagine.”

For Ashley, “of course. Biggest day of our life. Something we hope to only do once. What helped me was realizing why I was marrying the amazing partner that I chose and getting to hold her hand during the first look.”

Biggest surprises of the day?

For Bree, “it was that she cried first.”

For Ashley, “the biggest surprise for me was that Bree wore a wedding dress and not a suit.”

How did you feel at the end of the day?

For Bree, “I felt very complete and needed a glass of wine. Was so blessed.”

For Ashley, “satisfying. I felt complete. We finally got to see all of our hard work and how it paid off.”

Midwest LGBTQ+ Wedding// Ashley + Bree

Now, get ready for these pictures of their Midwest LGBTQ+ Wedding, y’all……..

Say whaaaat?! Are you guys as in love with these pictures as we are?! You better be!! We had the time of our LIVES photographing these two lovebirds at their Midwest LGBTQ+ Wedding. We still cannot quite get over it all… Now for a special thanks to all who made this wedding possible!

Creative Team From Ashley + Bree’s Midwest LGBTQ+ Wedding

Rings: Kays Jewler
Bree’s Dress: Rose Gate Bridal
Ashley’s Dress: Sophia’s Bridal
Venue: Delaware Country Club
DJ: Howell’s DJ service
Decorator: Monica and Mindy
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Florals: Normandy Flower Shop
Invitations: Zazzle
Hair: Natasha butler at Style Seat and Lacey at Studio One Salon
Makeup: Beauty By Ayiona and Brooke Hodge
Dessert: Rocky Rhodes Bakery and Cookie Cottage
Videographer: Cassie Reverman

If you wanna see more of these two beauts, you are in LUCK! Click here to see their adorable engagements session.

Sam + Bryt

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Midwest LGBTQ+ Wedding// Ashley + Bree

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