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Indiana Spring Engagement Session//Jared + Stephanie

HELLO Y’ALL!!! Oh my goodness… I doubt you’re even reading for the magic/goodness/beauty/EPICNESS we are about to share with you all today with this Indiana Spring Engagement Session at the Celery Bog in West Lafayette, Indiana. We can barely handle how cute this couple is and we already know their story! I guess it’s time to share it with you all 😉

Throwin’ it Back

Wayyyyyy back to the beginning. THAT is where we are going to start.

Jared and Stephanie became the best of friends in MIDDLE SCHOOL. WHAT?! That is so.. freaking.. cute… They grew up in the same subdivision a few houses apart and even went to the same small town school in Kentucky! Go Big Blue 😉 They shared with us that they lost touch after high school and were friends on social media and it wasn’t until Jared heard about the Nashville Tornado and slid into Steph’s DMs to check on her and her children that they reconnected. “And that’s the beginning of us.” AW!!! We love that. Some things are just meant to be. These two are one of those very special, very magical occasions. We had the absolute privilege of taking pictures of the very obvious love these two share 🙂

When they’re together…

These two lives apart for a long time… we asked them what their favorite things to do together are/where when they lived apart and now that they are within arms reach 😉

“Living in different cities FaceTime has been one of the ways that we enjoy each others company.” They also love themselves some good dinner dates.. who doesn’t?! Game night with kids, music concerts and dance parties also make the short list.

“When we are able to be in the same city we enjoy spending our time outside in nature, hiking, taking pictures.” We are OVERJOYED to have been about to help them with the picture portion of their time together recently at their Indiana Spring Engagement Session… we had such a good time and as you will soon be able to tell from images below… we think they had just as much fun. These lovebirds love any sports activities (with the kids, of course!), karting, foot golf, ice skating and the park are also some of their favorite places to go/things to do/fun past times.

How did you know they were THE ONE?

Steph knew Jared was the one after seeing him for the first time in 22 years. Yep. This answer hit us right in the feels. “My drive to Indy was full of exciting, anxious feelings. But when I pulled into the driveway and saw him in person. I knew he was the one at that moment.” AWWWW x2!!! What Stephanie says she loves the most about Jared is she can trust him with all of her (VERY IMPORTANT), her present and her past. “He gives me a sense of belonging.” THIS! If you all take anything away from this post, from these two, or from us… THIS is what we want you to take away. There is nothing more important than your person accepting you for everything you are and even everything you once were. They should make you want to be better and give you a purpose.

“Steph got out of the car and its like the world stood still,” Jared shares with us. “She was more beautiful than any picture I had seen or spent with her over FaceTime.” Again, very important here, Jared says that what he loves and respects the most about Steph is that she encourages him to be the best version of himself. We could not love these answers anymore.

The big moment..Leading to this Indiana Spring Engagement Session!

Let’s talk about this PROPOSAL, y’all!! The proposal was absolutely perfect and fits these two vibes so well. Steph went to Indy with the kids to celebrate a late Valentine’s weekend with her guy! Gifts were exchanged… even the kids got something! SO sweet.

Steph knew something was off… they had all gotten settled in and the story goes that Jared asked Steph to stay in the kitchen and answer the FaceTime when he called. Steph’s immediate reaction was “WHAT?! We don’t need a FaceTime call, I am in person!” HAHA! we can only imagine the confusion at this point. Jared simply told her to not ask questions and just answer the call. “I answered and he asked me to come back to the bedroom and when I turned the corner in the hallway, he was down on one knee, FaceTime was not happy because our phones were too close so we hung up and he asked me to be his forever.”

OKAY! Come on! So freaking cute… down to every detail.

Their Relationship//Indiana Spring Engagement Session

Their relationship was build over social media and FaceTime calls and how perfect is it that the proposal was the perfect mix of that as well?! We love it. “The next day we all celebrated with a hike in the snow.” If you know Bryt and I… you know we also love this part. Maybe not the snow. But the hike sounds SWEET… one of our favorites in Indiana is Turkey Run of course… just in case ya need a suggestion 😉

We LOVED getting to know these two… take their photos… and make some memories at this absolutely beautiful Indiana Spring Engagement Session. We hope you enjoy their gallery as much as we do. Keep scrolling to see!

#RealButter, haha! We are a couple of suckers for matching tattoos.

Thank you all for joining us for another one of our blogs about our AMAZING clients! This Indiana Spring Engagement Session was pretty sweet. Our jobs are only as fun and exciting as our couples and you all truly keep us on our toes! To see another one of our amazing, recent couples… click here!

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Indiana Spring Engagement Session//Jared + Stephanie

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