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Welcome back to the blog, you everyone!!! Today we have a very special couple to share with you…. Ohhhhh boy!! GET READY! This is Mindy and Dave and their Indiana Backyard Wedding 😉 We had the pleasure of shooting their wedding on the 21st of April! These two are quite the perfect match and capturing their love on their wedding day was the perfect way to spend our day. Better yet, we get to make a blog allllll about it and relive the day all of again! WHOOP WHOOP!

Wedding Day details…

Expectations VS The Unexpected

These two shared with us that the most anticipated part of their Indiana Backyard Wedding was… drum roll pleaseeee… getting through their vows without crying! AWWW! Yep. Very relatable. Saying the infamous “I Do”s and exchanging vows were their favorite parts of the day!!

As far as unexpected goes… Mindy and Dave’s cousins from Sweden gave a WONDERFUL toast to Dave’s retirement!! SO stinking sweet and brought on alllll of the emotions, people! Another unexpected, but happily welcomed, part of their day was when the gloom and clouds gave way. This made for the most adorable sunset photos and EVERYBODYYYY was excited about this… who wouldn’t be?!

Advice from the Newly Weds

“Embrace every moment, Keep it simple, and always remember the day belongs to you.”

WE SECOND THIS ADVICE!!! So beautifully and perfectly worded, we think!

The moment Dave saw Mindy in her dress…. oh was he was nervous! HA! No shame, no shame. Even with all the nerves and feelings, he smiled and his heart was GLOWING with love. Mindy seconds the nervous feelings and wedding day jitters… she says she took a moment alone and looked in the mirror and talked to myself, which really helped! She composed herself by taking deep breaths and saying “no need to be nervous this is what I want.”

We could not love that more. “No need to be nervous” and “this is all you want.” EVERYONE getting married (or eloping *wink wink*) should be able to look themselves in the mirror and compose themselves with these two thoughts. If you are doing this for the right reasons, because you are in love and want to build a life with the person at the end of the theoretical aisle, you will be fine. No need to be nervous 🙂

At the end of the day… “We felt like we didn’t want the day to end, relief that we were finally married, and elated that so many family and friends celebrated with us.” Wise words from the newlyweds… wise words. THIS is how you should be feeling after your big day. Emotions are hard!! It is okay if it takes you a minute to breathe everything in. take the time to process everything and reflect, be grateful for your day! These two and their Indiana Backyard Wedding are a prefect testament to that!

A review???

Not only did we have the privileged of being there for Dave and Mindy’s big day… they left us the kindest review and we HAVE to share. Cue the tears,

“Sammy is like family and her photographing our wedding was another fun part of the day. Dave does not like his picture taken. This part of our wedding planning was not his favorite. After his experience with Sammy he honestly said he felt so relaxed and enjoyed the experience.”

We rate these two as a 10/10 couple. We had the best time getting to celebrate their love and we appreciate their kind words more than we could ever express!

Keep scrolling to see some wedding photo goodness!

Like come on… are you kidding??? You can’t beat pictures with Jeeps (if only bryt would buy me one!) on your wedding day…. It doesn’t get sweeter than this couple right here. This Indiana Backyard Wedding has a special place in our hearts from here on out.

Looking for more photo magic?? We have more to share! Click HERE for another one of our recent photoshoots.

Thanks for stoppin’ in y’all! We can’t wait to come at ya with another blog soon!

Creative Team:
Flowers: Trumpet Vine
Flowers: Forget Me Not Floral
DJ: Dave Gault
The Rings: Steffens Jewelry and Kay Jewelers
Rentals: Big Day Rentals
Dress: The Purple Door Bridal Boutique
Hair/Makeup: Charmed Salon
Catering: The Homestead
Cupcakes: Amy DeYoung

Sam + Bryt

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Indiana Backyard Wedding//Mindy + Dave

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