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A couple standing in the woods at Purdue horticulture park looking at eachother while holding a golden puppy.

What is gold, curly, and cute all over? Everyone meet Benedict Besos Spencer! Isn’t he just the cutest little doodle?! As Midwest LGBTQ Photographers, we are STOKED to introduce you to this adorable little fam! And, I’m sure you all know that we have 4 doodles of our own! So anytime we can get our hands on a doodle puppy, we have all the heart eyes!

Meet the owners…

A little about the owners… some of you might recognize our friends Katie and Kelly. They came to us in 2019 to take some engagement pictures. We will also be shooting their wedding this year! As Midwest LGBTQ photographers, of course we couldn’t resist! Because of the year of COVID-19, their wedding was tossed around alot and they decided to reward themselves with a puppy. So, we asked our beautiful friends Katie and Kelly a few questions about their new family member, so here is a little bit about them:)

And their new furry addition…

Benedict is a 9.5 week golden doodle that the couple came across from an breeder in New Haven. They used puppy finder online! Katie and Kelly decided they wanted a pup that didn’t shed. From there, it was a match made in heaven! They have a list of “grandpa names” that they both love, so that is where Benedict came from. They also really love the shortened version of Benedict, like Ben and Benny. 

We asked Katie and Kelly for some tips on how to have a successful session with your pup. Some solid advice they listed about this topic is playing with your pup ALOT before the session. This will make your pet more sleepy, patient, and more loving. What is better than a cute, snuggly, sleepy pup?! Another thing we asked the couple is to share something they have learned while becoming dog parents. They said that they have learned a TON about communication and their marriage. Overall, it is a balance of love for each other and for the new addition to their little fam. 

Katie and Kelly shared some advice they have gathered within the short period of time they have been paw-rents, and we LOVE it! They said that you can read all the articles and talk to other pup parents but in the end you have to go with your gut and do what you can to raise a sweet dog! In other words, trust the process! 

Person in blue shirt smiling at camera while holding golden puppy in arms.
golden puppy being held while looking at the camera
hand holding the tail end of the golden puppy
couple walking through the woods holding hands and looking at each other while walking the dog on the leash
golden dog laying in the gravel and brush while holding a stick and looking at the camera
golden puppy walking and sticking its tongue out
arms holding the puppy while it pants with its tongue out
couple holds golden puppy in arms while smiling and looking down at it at Purdue horticulture park
arms holding puppy while tongue is sticking out
couple holding puppy between them while facing each other and smiling at Purdue horticulture park
couple sitting on a bench in the woods while holding golden puppy and smiling
puppy sitting between the couples feet while on a leash in the woods
couple holding onto one anothr while smiling at eachother and puppy looking at the camera while perked up in between them

The Location//Horticulture Park

Now we are sure you’re wondering where these GORGEOUS pictures were taken… well here’s the tea. This jackpot of a location is actually a part of Purdue’s Horticulture Park in West Lafayette, IN. The park houses a bunch of beautiful plants and trees, which is home to lots of wildlife as well. Walking, biking, and picnicking are HIGHLY recommended by us, and maybe a photo session:) While you are near the horticulture park, there is plenty of opportunity to sight see campus and grab some ice cream afterwards, what a combination! And don’t forget the pup cup for your furry friends!

Midwest LGBTQ Photographers continued…

Dog. People. That’s us! Your favorite Midwest LGBTQ Photographers!

You might be wondering, “why get pictures taken with your pups?” But we are wondering why not?! The cute and furry little blessings are a part of your family, so show them off in some beautiful pictures! We love the idea of you bringing your pups to your session, because you may not know this but we are ~dog people~ 🙂 With 4 doodles of our own, we cannot turn down a session with any puppy breath! So, we hope you enjoyed Katie, Kelly, and Benedict’s session!

Sam + Bryt

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Midwest LGBTQ Photographers //Katie, Kelly, and Benedict the Doodle

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