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Oh my goodness! Welcome to the blog alllllll about this fantastic couple, Katie and Kelly. I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing couples and these two really seriously created some magic at this Indiana LGBTQ+ Engagement session! On top of this amazing session, I got a chance to listen to Kelly and Katie play a beautiful song together and WOW! I was truly in awe at the incredible talent that BOTH of these human beings possess!

In 2018 Kelly and Katie started dating and were engaged to be married in late 2019!! These two met playing pickup soccer in seminary wayyyyy over in New Jersey. Together, they love to explore their new city of Indianapolis!!! Going on walks, cuddling on the couch and trying out new restaurants are some of their favs.

Katie adores Kelly’s passion for ministry, the way she leads in worship, and her “servant heart.” RIGHT IN THE FEELS! Kelly knew Katie was the one when she saw Katie praying with friends almost daily from across their dining hall. Kelly said that it was then we she knew she wanted to spend her life with Katie doing ministry and life together. RIGHT IN THE FEELS PART 2.

The Proposal

Where should we start?! Kelly quotes that she was “put in charge of the proposal.” These two lovebirds had made a mutual deal to both get rings for each other and for Kelly made the plan to propose in September. Then, Katie shortly began to grow suspicious about the proposal, so Kelly moved up her surprise to the end of August. What a great idea!

Kelly set her intimate proposal in the place they first fell in love. It was a small room with a gorgeous lookout right there at the Princeton Seminary. She had saved multiple mementos of their relationship (pictures, ticket stubs, wine corks) and set them up around the room. Katie being the intuitive person she is, began asking questions at lunch during a trip to the beach. It wasn’t the extraordinary surprise Kelly had hoped for, but it all came together with that super sweet “YES!” at the end. 😉

The Indiana LGBTQ+ Engagement Session

Now, let’s get to it! So in this fabulous Indiana LGBTQ+ Engagement Session we had SO MUCH FUN! We got some adorable pictures with lots of laughs and lots of cuddling… the BEST kind of pictures, truly! These two even mentioned to us after the session was well and done that they have not laughed or cuddled that much in “far too long.” We were happy to help! 😉 Cuddling is always a part of our sessions haha!

Kelly says one of the funniest and most memorable parts of this Indiana LGBTQ+ Engagement Session was when we prompted Katie to “whisper your favorite cereals into Kelly’s ear in your sexiest voice” and Katie could not come up with one type of cereal… LOL! Happens to the best of us, Katie! It definitely prompted for some great belly laughs haha!

And there it is! An absolutely fantastic Indiana LGBTQ+ Engagement Session with Katie and Kelly! We had a BLAST with these two and we seriously created some magic with them images… we hope you enjoyed them just as much 😉

Thanks for reading our blog all about Kelly and Katie! We hope you all have a week full of good food and just enough family bonding, Maybe you’ll find some time to think about all the things you are grateful for in this crazy world! We know we will!

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Indiana LGBTQ+ Engagement Session// Katie + Kelly

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