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I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM for this perfect, ice cream inspired, Indiana LGBTQ+ proposal! Whaaaaaa?! You read that right – This proposal involved Ben + Jerry’s ice cream. If there is one couple to ever prove to me that they KNOW the other’s love language… it’s this couple. And yes, ice cream is in fact a love language. We are so excited to introduce you to Becca and Lily today AND tell you their story about their Indiana LGBTQ+ proposal!!

Where their story starts…

Originally, they met and bonded over coffee! Lily shares that she thought Becca was one of the most relaxed and easygoing people she had EVER met. Their mutual desires to study hard for long hours to get the results they wanted in school/life/religion was also a major click for them. They apparently had “no problem taking study breaks to share encouraging Bible verses and talk theology… SO CUTE! And so inspiring.

Becca was a newbie to Purdue University so Lily was tasked with the role of meeting her for coffee, again, but this time to welcome her to the area! They chatted and worked for a few hours in the little campus Starbucks and both parties left laughing and hoping they would soon see each other again! Becca told us she even called some hometown friends immediately after to tell them she had made her first friend, we LOVE THIS! The best relationships are always build on a solid friendship first ;)!

After a few years of friendship, Lily was the first to bring up the “more than friends” conversation… One afternoon, Lily shares she spent a few hours talking with a mutual friend about her feelings for Becca! Friends can seriously be the best at solving our problems, am I right?! Lily explained that she didn’t think Becca had felt the same way toward her and her friend was like… girl. Hahaha!! “My friend responded by saying she was pretty certain Becca felt the same way and encouraged me to bring this up to Becca.”

And the rest is history!

Favorite things to do together…

One of Lily’s favorite things to do together, she shares with us, is to take walks during sunset, grab some ice cream along the way, and marvel at nature all around.

Becca mentioned loving their Saturday morning routine, which goes as follows. “I go for run, Lily makes me coffee, we cook a big breakfast (Lily makes the best crepes!) and we enjoy a slow meal while chatting and playing with our dog.”

We relate so hardcore on the coffee routine, we are big coffee drinkers in our house!

What do you love the most about the other…


Lily writes…. “Becca loves Jesus so much and walks in line with her values so steadily that she inspires her friends, bosses, colleagues, and me to serve more, trust more, forgive more, commit more, and hope more.” THAT was perfectly written y’all!! Holy cow!! “She also accepts me wholeheartedly, making me feel like the most loved, beautiful, special girl in the whole world. Even when others don’t, she believes in me – believes in my research, my abilities, my strengths, and my goals.” We love couples who support the other’s passions! “She also stays by my side through both the bright and dark times, empathizing with me through the painful moments, crying with me through the sad ones, and celebrating through the delightful ones. I could go on but I’ll stop here. : )”


Becca shares… “Gosh, I love so much about Lily. She has this infectious joy and crazy ability to make everything more fun.” Number one goal in your life when looking for a partner should be: Find someone who makes your life more fun. These two seem to have found their perfect fit 😉 “Whether it is pulling over on the way home to watch the sunset, laughing with the barista while ordering coffee, or taking spontaneous trips to the grocery story to get ice cream, she helps me (and everyone around her) find joy in the everyday moments. She loves Jesus, life, and others so well that being around her makes me love everything more, too.”

Their Indiana LGBTQ+ proposal…

Becca told us that she KNEW how much Lily loves surprises… but also how much she would have to work at it to pull the surprise off! HA! The original story told from Becca to Lily was that they were meeting friends/friend’s moms for a mothers day picnic… obviouslyyyy their day went in a bit of a different direction 🙂 When Lily arrived, she was surprised with three Ben & Jerry’s containers… ICE CREAM!!!! Ohhhhh yeah. Lily says, “we love B&Js and have spent many hours analyzing their different flavors” … ahaha! This little, sweet detail was perfection. Each container had a written message on it for Lily telling her how much Becca wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Becca then got down on one knee and popped the question! EEK!

That’s not all.

It doesn’t stop there! After Lily said yes… SHE then shared her love and got on one knee too! Becca had been instructed to bring Lily’s ring whenever she decided to propose. So when she pulled it out, Lily couldn’t believe it was now her turn! It was seriously picture perfect 😉 “I (Lily) was then surprised to learn that we’d been secretly photographed this whole time by the wonderful Sam Mitchell!” AWWWWW!!!! We loved getting to be in on the surprise Indiana LGBTQ+ proposal 🙂

After their little post-engagement photo session, Lily discovered surprise #2! She turned the corner around some trees and unknowingly walked right into a gorgeously decorated part of the park filled with their loved ones CHEERING and CELEBRATING them! Cue alllll of the happy tears. Lots of people who meant big things to them were there… “Who I wasn’t expecting to see at all, though, were my two best friends from Egypt (both of whom now live in the states), who had flown in to celebrate with us as well!” This was seriously a proposal you wanted to be apart of 😉 Needless to say, they were surrounded by people who cared deeply for them and the feeling of immense love was felt from EVERYONE THERE!

Now, the part you are waiting for! Keep scrolling to see all the photo goodies….

Indiana LGBTQ+ Proposal

There you have it!!! The story of Becca and Lily and their Indiana lgbtq+ proposal… and what a story book love story it is! We were privileged to play a part in this wonderful evening 🙂

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Sam + Bryt

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Indiana LGBTQ Proposal// Lily + Becca

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