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Ready to get married in Indiana without the stress? This “How to Elope in Indiana” Guide will help you plan the perfect elopement! From everything you will need to finding the perfect spot, this is a complete guide to eloping in Indiana!

1. What is an elopement and why do we love them?

Elopements are a truly “just us” wedding expereince! Historically speaking elopements used to be when a couple would run away and secretly get married. This is totally not always the case anymore. Essentially an elopement is marrying in the precesence just each other (or maybe just a few family + friends).

We believe that the best weddings are truly about the moments we get to share with those closest to us. For that reason we feel that small weddings are the BEST way to get married. Elopements and Intimate weddings really put an emphasis on the two people who are sharing their commitments to one another. They put a focus on the ways that the uniqueness of the couple and the relationship.

When you choose an elopement you can spend your day doing whatever makes you two happy. Whether It be hiking up a mountain, boating In the Islands, or enjoying a campfire together. However you envision your day unfolding, we believe that each and every moment Is beautiful and we would be honored to document It!

2. Can you elope in Indiana?

Yes! You can totally elope in Indiana! Although when you think of Indiana as an elopement location, you may only think of corn fields. We are excited to show you that we have way more than that in Indiana! There are honestly so many great locations for an elopement (see number 6)! You do need a few things to elope in Indiana (see number 4). So, let’s dive on in!

3. Why should you elope in Indiana?

Barn weddings and big venues may be splattered across our map but the true beauty lies where many do not say their vows at. Imagine a place that is just yours. We think that elopements capture the true intimacy of what vow exchanging should be. We think Indiana is one of the perfect spots for just this! You should elope in Indiana because of what the two of you desire, intimacy. Imagine only reading your vows in front of your person.

Only sharing those private moments between the two of you and not a crowd of 250. We think elopements are special because of the meaning you two can construct of your day. Maybe it’s a favorite park that you and your partner always visit, or maybe it’s a new adventure you want to take with your love. Whatever that may be, Indiana can be a special place for any couple to exchange their vows.

Elope in Indiana - A bride stands along the water and looks down at her gorgeous bouquet at her Indiana elopement.

4. What do you need to elope in Indiana?

Woohoo! You’ve decided to elope in Indiana, now you are probably wondering.. what do I need? Let’s get to it! As you prepare for your wedding day, make sure to include applying for and recording your marriage license in the planning process. To be married in Indiana, you must have a marriage license and meet the following requirements according to

  • Age: Be at least 18 years old. A 17-year-old must get permission from both parents to be married. A 16-year-old can apply for a marriage license only after getting a court order.
  • Identification, proof of residency: Provide a form of identification and proof of residency. Identification can be a valid driver’s license, current state-issued identification card, original certified birth certificate, military identification, passport, or consular card. Proof of residency can be a rental lease, valid driver’s license, state identification card, or current utility bill.

In short you will need the following things to elope in Indiana:

  • Apply for a marriage license
  • Choose a ceremony location + secure permits if necessary (don’t worry we will do that)
  • Secure an officiant for your ceremony
  • Choose Other vendors for yoour big day!

5. How to Apply for a Marriage License in Indiana

The application process isn’t too hard if you meet the marriage license requirements above! Please keep in mind that every county has their own procedures! The state has one general website where you apply for your marriage license but each county processes marriage licenses in their own way. Due to Covid, each county clerk is issuing marriage licenses differently. Please make sure to contact your country clerk for their current procedure! If you are an Indiana resident your marriage license must be obtained in the county in which one of applicants reside, and the ceremony can take place anywhere in Indiana!

You can apply for a marriage license HERE. If you or your furture spouse live in Indiana, the marriage license fee is $18.00; if you borth reside outside of Indiana, the fee is $60.00 and the license must be obtained in the county you plan to hold the ceremony. Some offices also charge an additional document fee of $2.00, most counties require these fees to be paid in cash.

6. The Best Places for an Indiana Elopement

This step is probably one of the most fun parts in planning an Indiana elopement! Think about what the two of you envision for your ceremony. Do you want to go somewhere new? Do you have a special place where the two of you have a memory? The options are truly endless! Here are just a few options to consider when planning your Indiana elopement:

Elope in Indiana - a man and a woman lean into one another as they happily enjoy their Indiana elopement day.

7. The Best Time for An Indiana Elopement


Fall in Indiana is one of the most beautiful experiences. The leaves changing colors and falling to the ground, the crisp morning air, and the sunsets that paint the sky all different colors. You can easily see why so many couples get married in the fall! Fall months are considered to be September to November. It is one of the most popular times to have a wedding in Indiana! The temperatures can range from the 50s to the low 70s and the sunshine makes it seem so much warmer! There is also a less chance of storms in the fall, so many people choose fall for this reason!


Summer is probably my most favorite time to capture weddings. I LOVE warm weather! Summer in Indiana is considered to be the June through August. You’ll probably experience hot weather with a higher humidity level. If you do not mind the heat, summer is a great option for waterfall hikes and elopements! Then you can cool off after! Summer is one of the most popular times in Indiana to elope! You can expect the temperatures to range from the low to mid-80’s.


Winter is probably the least popular time to get married in Indiana. With unpredicatable weather, it can be hard to determine what the actual temperature will be! #Indianalifeprobs But, if you are up for it, we actually love to shoot winter weddings in Indiana. Especially if you are flexible! Winter months are considered to be December through February. Can you imagine saying your vows while a fresh blanket of snow falls around you? Sign me up!

8. Who can officiate your elopement ceremony?

In the state of Indiana you are required to have an officiant perform the official ceremony. Acrroding to “A wedding officiant leads a marriage ceremony, verifies the information on the marriage license, and signs and completes the officiant’s section of the marriage license.” The following individuals may serve as an officiant at your wedding:

  • Member of the clergy of a religious organization, such as a minister of the gospel, a priest, a bishop, an archbishop, a rabbi, or an imam
  • Member of a certified secular organization
  • Judge
  • Mayor, within the mayor’s county
  • Clerk or a clerk-treasurer of a city or town, within a county in which the city or town is located
  • Clerk of the district court
  • Governor or lieutenant governor
  • Member of the general assembly

Many couples choose to have someone they know or are close to as their officiant. We think this is a wonderful idea because your ceremony is such an intimate part of your day and your story! If you have someone in mind and you want them to get ordained, they can actually get ordained online through the Universal Life Church and officiate for you!

We also happen to know some pretty great officiants in the area! One of our favorite officiants is Victoria Meyer with Marry Me Indy out of Indianapolis! She is an inclusive officiant and works with all couples! All are welcome!

9. What to wear for an Indiana Elopement?

Your wedding attire is one of the most important features of the day! And guess what… the beauty of an elopement is you can wear WHATEVER THE HECK you want to wear! Keep in mind the adventure you are wanting to do, but also know you don’t have to wear your attire while hiking to the perfect spot! We can pack it in a backpack and change when we arrive! First and foremost, your attire should be 100% YOU! And, if you have no clue what you want to wear, you are in luck! Our good friend Leila Breton at Curvy Custom Bride can design the perfect attire for your and your partner! (More to come on Leila below!)

Wedding Attire Stores + Designers

Curvy Custom Bride- The owner, Leila, is an inclusive Fashion Designer who owns a Queer Owned custom bridal shop! She has constructed some of the most beautiful pieces for all shapes and sizes! From tuxs, to jumpsuits, to dresses; Leila has you covered! The best part is you don’t even have to know what you want to wear when you go to Leila! Click HERE to contact Leila for some MAGIC!

Sophia’s Bridal + Tux- This is wear I got my elopement dress! Sophia’s Bridal works with you on the exact outfit you are hoping to get! I tried on sooo many dresses, and honestly tried some on just for fun, because WHY NOT! I went in with an idea and they helped it come to life!

What to wear for an Indiana Elopement continued…

The Shoes

Indiana has a variety of terrain types depending on the adventure you choose to take. Definetly track what the weather will be like on your day to help you with the right footwear! If your elopement calls for some form of hiking or climbing, you will for sure want some shoes with good tread! We suggest hiking boots that will help with that! If you will be climbing in and out of waterfalls and water we definetly suggest some tevas or chacos!

Elope in Indiana - man and woman pops champgane and sprays it at their Indiana elopement

10. What other vendors will you need for your elopement?

Vendor Suggestions: There are so many great vendors to choose from! We have listed a few below to help you get started in your search!

Hair + Makeup Artists

Getting pampared on your wedding day is honestly one of the best feelings! It truly just feels like the time is almost here when you step up from the chair! There are honestly so many amazing hair + makeup artists so finding one that you are comfortable with is so important! We have worked with some amazing hair and makeup artists including: @iammofia, Dolled by Dani, and Ally Kassab!


There are so many different florists to choose from! We love working with anyone who is inclusive + someone who will make your floral dreams come true! One of our favorite florists is Alicia with Amelia Marie Florals. Alicia is a faux floral artist who can truly capture your day with florals! Plus, she offers rentals which is a great option for those on a budget or anyone who is looking to be more eco friendly! We love her so much that we actually wrote an entire blog about her! You can find that HERE.

What other vendors will you need for your elopement continued…


Videography is one of those things that I feel like many push to the side for an elopement day, but we honestly totally regret not having a videographer! We even wrote a blog about our biggest elopement mistake (not hiring a videographer!). Having someone who you truly vibe with and someone who can capture the beauty of the day through video is a true luxury! Indiana has some great videographers to choose from. One of our favorites is Luke Menard Films!

Elopement Accessories:

You might think, will I even need accessories for our elopement? But the answer is, sure why not?! There are a few fun items that can add to your elopement experience! But of course, you get to pick so whatever you want you can have! We love seeing elopement trends and there are a few that we always love getting to photograph! A few accessories include:

Elope in Indiana - A table spread of an elopement in Indiana elopement on the beach with two rights on either side of a table made of driftwood.

10. Indiana Elopement Checklist

Think about where you’d like to go

Elopement locations are truly endless in Indiana! So, sit down with your partner and decide what fits your vibe! From the rolling Indiana hills to the rock features at Turkey Run, the possibilities are endless! Other factors to consider include your budget, the accessability of the location, and whether or not you will have other guests attending. Our top continders include Turkey Run State Park and Brown County State Park.

Pick a Date

Next up is picking a date! The time of year you elope will dramatically impact your elopement expereince! Indiana Summers can be hot, but Indiana fall can be perfect! But as you probably know, Indiana weather is VERY unpredictable! However, rain or shine, your day will be perfect!

Find more information about wedding documentation

Making sure your marriage is legal is obviously very important! Confirming where to get your marriage license will make sure you are a-okay for your date!

Book your photographer

You can’t elope without having the day documented! Plus, an elopement photographer will help you plan the whole day out to assure your experience is THE BEST. Find a photog that you vibe with and get ready to relive those memories forever and ever!

Find a place to exchange your vows

This is probably one of the most fun parts of the research process! We will send you over a list of suggestions and you get to pick whatever makes your heart feel all gooey inside! We can also pick a place to hike and then while we are hiking actually pick the spot! Either way, you will be able to exchange your vows anywhere your heart desires!

Indiana Elopement Checklist continued…

Book your accomodations

Finding an epic Airbnb to stay at can really uplevel your experience! But don’t worry, we help you find the perfect spot to stay! We suggest making sure your accomodations are somewhat close to where you are actually eloping so that you do not have to drive too far! Also, we suggest going all out for your stay because WHY NOT!?

Book your other vendors

Next up is booking your other vendors! Some of the vendors you may need could be hair and akeup, stylists, florists, wedding attire designers, caterers (private chef), music providers, and any other little details you can think of!

Plan your travel

Plan out the rest of your trip! Make it a total experience! What else will you do during your elopement weekend/week? Are there adventures you want to take? Are there places you want to visit? Narrow down your options to give yourselves choices and come up with a few plans to help! Also, we totally help with this part too! So don’t fret!

Live your dream elopement

Last up, it’s the big day! Enjoy it fully and be present in the moment! Let the adventure begin!

Sum it up/How to Elope in Indiana Guide

We hope that you found this “How to Elope In Indiana Guide” is helpful and informative! Indiana CAN be the perfect elopement location and we hope that this guide gave you a glimpse into a little bit of the beauty it has to offer! No matter what you decide for your wedding day, we hope that you make sure that it reflects the two of you and the love story that you have! If you need any help deciding on if an elopement is right for you, you can contact us and we would LOVE to help you plan the best day!


Sam + Bryt

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How to Elope in Indiana

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