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LGBTQ+ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations- two wives looking at each other while rainbow smoke bombs are in the background with wedding party at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Wedding.

Alright, put on those shades + grab those suitcases because we are coming at you today with another travel blog! This one is especially for all of you LGBTQ+ couples getting married this year!! Whoop Whoop! SO… you are probably keeping a one track mind all about your big day, but! It is the perfect time to be planning your honeymoon as well!!! AND THAT is why we are here and it is also where we come in! We have compiled a list of the BEST 15 LGBTQ+ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations! (Plus a bonus location, where we honeymooned!) You’ll have to read to the end to find out where we went!

1. Malta

Italy is known for it’s romance, but not necessarily the most LGBTQ+ friendly… SO! If that’s the area you’re dreaming of, we suggest heading to the island of Malta instead! Here, you’ll find yourself stunned by it’s many beautiful beaches and mythic ruins. In 2017, this little heaven on Earth ranked FIRST for LGBT policy and equality by the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. Can we get a hell yeah?! HERE is an amazing resource for traveling there!

2. Canada

Oh Canadaaaa, oh Canada. We love you. Niagara Falls just so happens to rank as the Honeymoon Capital of the World, BUT that isn’t where the of natural wonders stops, as we’re sure you’ll find a ton in Canada. Another place, The Canadian Rockies, have some hot springs and natural geothermal pools to offer you and your lover. Located in right in it’s namesake, Banff National Park, Banff Upper Hot Springs is home to a massive heated pool that also hosts an incredible view of Mount Rundle. (Side note, if you haven’t considered getting married in Banff, you totally should!)

3. Belgium

This magical country was second country to legalize same-sex marriage, so, we think you will find that Belgium is so so much more than their beer. Brugge is a little town they have there filled with canals, gorgeous waterfront places with winding streets that would fool you into thinking you’re in a fairytale village or movie set. HERE is an LGBTQ+ Guide to Brussels, Belgium that goes into all the details of traveling as an LGBTQ person!

travel Belgium. river town in Belgium

4. Curaçao

Now, don’t be fooled. Typically, the Caribbean has not been the most welcoming towards LGBTQ+ couples. Curacao, is ironically dubbed the LGBT capital of the Caribbean, but doesn’t allow same-sex marriage. Do not let this defer you… this little island is a melting pot for all cultures and kind of people despite these outdated rules. You will surely find yourself on island time here and engulfed in the good vibes and blue water Curacao has to offer you.

5. Germany

This country doesn’t get near enough credit for it’s natural beauties. AND IT SHOULD! Germany is absolutely jaw dropping. The country has tons of beautiful fairytale like castles, magic forests and mysterious bridges like the Rakotzbrucke, which was created to use its own reflection to make a complete circle. Crazy right?! Adventurous couples – this is for you!

6. Iceland

If you’re into camping – or gleaming – Iceland is for you. Their highways literally circle the island and offers numerous places to park along the road for fantastic views of their waterfalls, Icelandic ponies and puffins (little birds native to Iceland)! This is quite an option if you’re on the search for the best LGBTQ+ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations.

7. The Netherlands

This right here is your very first couple to EVER legalizes same-sex marriage nearly 20 years ago! Now that you know that info, this should be on every LGBT traveler’s bucket list. Go ahead and start your little adventure in Amsterdam to see their beautiful canals and follow up by heading to the countryside to see how the ways the Dutch lived on the water for centuries to count.

river in the Netherlands. elope in the Netherlands

8. Scotland

This place is a real find! Northern Scotland is a paradise for anyone with a hiker’s bone in their body… Be sure to see the epic, rugged mountain landscapes, enchanting lakes and the famous Eilean Donan Castle. If you find the time, you need to make a point to venture beyond the Highlands, cross the bridge to the Isle of Skye to see the dramatic Neist Lighthouse viewpoint. SO COOL!

9. Portugal

In 2017, Portugal was ranked as the country most people said they wanted to see and travel to! It’s easy to see why. From being super picture perfect to port wine to some of the craziest surfing the world, there is something for everyone in Portugal. Portugal was actually voted (alongside Sweden and Canada) the world’s most gay friendly destination according to the Spartacus International Gay Guide Index 2019! Some of the best places to visit in Portugal include

10. Ireland

Are you feeling lucky??! Irish jokes aside, if you are a lover of road trips, you need to head to the Emerald Isle. Ireland was actually the first country to legalise same-sex marriage on a national level by a popular vote! The best way to see all the sights–from the rolling green hills to dramatic ocean cliffs to adorable herds of sheep is ALL from your car. It literally has never been easier than that. Trip Savvy wrote an excellent article all about Gay Travel in Ireland that you are def. going to want to checkout before booking your flights! In addition, HERE is a really neat LGBTQ+ Guide to Dublin!

11. Finland

Finland’s a pretty awesome mix of nature and wild beauty, unique design and absolute culinary excellence! In March of 2019, Finland was actually ranked the fourth-best LGBT-friendly travel destination in the world! Throw in the fact that it’s pretty much winter magic and sugary sweet, irresistible summers…. Those seasons are what lands Finland a spot on multiple lists for the best LGBTQ+ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations. You will be begging to stay. Queer in the world wrote an amazing article about what you should know before going to Findland!

igloo under northern lights. elope in Finland

12. Greece

This place is ancient and has so many sun-bleached ruins that reach and pierce their blue skies to offer it’s travelers. The seriously endless coastline and never lacking culture come alive with their passionate music, wonderful cuisine and thrill-seeking activities. Same Sex Unions were officially recognized in 2015 (yep, you can even get married here!). It’s also easy to see why Greece is one of Europe’s most popular LGBTQ tourist destinations! You are also def. going to want to check out the city of Mykonos! Which is one of the most gay friendly Islands in Greece. HERE is an article that also includes the best gay-friendly Greek Islands!

13. New Orleans, Louisiana

Keepin’ it in the states we are taking you to the French Quarter! This spot has a romantic magic that’s hard to deny if you’re looking for a LGBTQ-friendly destination in the U.S. You will not be disappointed with its endless vibrant live music scene, Creole cuisine, or simply being able to wander the city’s most historic neighborhoods. Spring or fall honeymoons will bring you the best, most comfortable weather. Click HERE to check out 6 historic LGBTQ+ sites to visit during Pride month in Near Orleans!

14. Punta Mita, Mexico

“The gay capitol of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico” as it is lovingly referred to as, is known for its HUGE party scene. If you take a trip an hour south, we think you’ll find the more peaceful villages of Punta Mita just as exciting. Known for its surfing and laid-back vibes – this is your place for rest and relaxation. Some added bonuses are the likelehood of seeing wildlife such as humpack whales and blue-footed boobies! Click HERE to read more about the history behind why Punta Mita is such a popular destination for LGBTQ+ couples!

15. Napa Valley, California

One last one for those of you lovers wanting to explore more of the good old U S of A! It doesn’t get much more romantic and scenic than the gently rolling hills of Napa Valley. Specifically when you’re seeing it from the seat of a bike as you cruise between wineries. This is another gay-friendly honeymoon destination you’ll never want to leave. If you want to check out other LGBTQ+ friendly activities in Napa Valley, click HERE to see all of the pride friendly events!

LGBTQ+ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations- Beach waves crashing in on land with palm trees in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

BONUS: The Virgin Islands

You know we couldn’t leave ya without one more bonus location! Many of you might be wondering where my wife and I honeymooned to…. well here ya go! The Virgin Islands (picture above) also has a special place in our hearts so we for sure had to add it to the list! With it’s crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, it is honestly one of the perfect locations for a honeymoon! Some of our favorite activities from the VI include the Soggy Dollar Bar (a bar you literally have to swim to and Tree Limin’ Extreme (Zip Lining)! But the best part you may ask?! Our freaking epic Airbnb!

Let’s sum it up! // LGBTQ+ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

THE END! Plain and simple! Those are THE best LGBTQ+ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations… in our books at least! The world is endless… which means travel is too 😉 You might just have to plan MULTIPLE trips (and bring your favorite married photographer team along of course *HINT*). If you were planning your honeymoon, or wish you could REDO your honeymoon, where would you pick to travel to??

Ready to take the plunge and have us document your honeymoon?! Click HERE to reach out!

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LGBTQ+ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

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