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Okay now… hear us out… an elopement… on a waterfall. WHAT?! This is entirely, humanly possible when you elope in cumberland falls! Keep your scrolling and reading along to see when, where, why, how this is possible. We lay it allllll out for you!

A Little About the Cumberland Falls area

This place is everything majestic, wonderful, unique, and mystical. Photos from this little ol’ waterfall look like something out of a freakingggg movie – c’mon now!! Dubbed the “Niagara of the South”, it measures approximately 68 feet tall and 125 feet wide. DANG! It is not only breathtaking, but unforgettable and you would be creating a day like no other when you elope in cumberland falls. For real!!

When to Elope in Cumberland Falls

WHEN! So this one is a little different than the others…. because of the water, obviously! Typically, when it comes to parks like this, the slow hiking season is the best time to elope or have a ceremony! But with a find like Cumberland Falls, you don’t reallyyyy have that luxury. Water freezes, like we know, so the best time to elope is in the summer or fall!

Sunrise vs. Sunset

Sunset always when it comes to forests and covered locations like this! Going by sunset, it allows for more set up time and more time to relax before the sun starts moving down the horizon. Everything is quick paced when trying to get ready for something like this before sunrise… and if you’re not a morning person, it is definitely a hard “NO!”

Sunsets around here at 5:24 in the fall! Plan ahead, draw things out, and end your elopement the right way with sunset photos at a FREAKING WATERFALL!

Weekdays vs. Weekends

We live by this…. CHOOSE WEEKDAYS. Weekends are where you get your families and avid hikers coming through, especially at a high profile location like the waterfalls. If you want an intimate and private elopement, weekdays will forever and always be your bestie. 🙂

The Best Times of Year

Catch this baby in the fall or summer! Kentucky in the fall is something fierce. The yellows, reds, and oranges go CRAZY and paint the skyline of the bluegrass state. Explore this state park in the spring or summer if you’re looking for a warmer and sunnier trip – the greens in the forest are just as gorgeous!

How to Elope in Cumberland Falls

Permits for Weddings & Elopements in Cumberland Falls

Here is what National Park Services has to say about this…

Completed applications for Special Use Permits for weddings, along with a non-refundable $100.00 application fee, must be received by the park no less than 45 days prior to the start of the event

There you go!! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 😉

Know the Rules of the Park

  • Clean up after yourself! NO littering!!
  • If you got a dog, leash ’em up!
  • Don’t disturb wildlife… you’re in their home!
  • Be a good human. That’s it. Really.

Choose a Ceremony Location in Cumberland Falls

THE FUN PART. Whoop whoooooop!!!! Lucky for you, the best location of this place is literally in it’s name.. THE WATERFALL! That is your spot! The waterfall is huge and fast moving; pictures here are going to be one of a stinking kind and honestly, something that cannot be recreated. The waterfall is MEANT for you!

Getting to Cumberland Falls

Kentucky Parks Services maps it out for you best… “.5 mile, begins at picture display in front of Dupont Lodge, most popular route to falls, excellent view of river and Gatliff Bridge, total descent of 200 ft, ends at falls parking lot.”

Pro Tips for How to Elope in Cumberland Falls

Here are our pro tips as elopement photographers: Pack layers, especially if you’re coming in a colder season. You can always take layers off…. being cold during your elopement won’t make you very happy! Bring food/snacks, you don’t know how long you’re going to be out there or how many (Insanely epic) picture will be taken, and there are no restaurants out in hocking hills. GET READY for the time of your life. An elopement at Cumberland Falls of all places is one for the books. Bring your best smile, your lover, and get ready to have a fun day.

Venders for Elopements in Cumberland Falls

Airbnbs Near Cumberland Falls

3 BED RESORT, entire cabin





Well, well, well. There you go!! THE END. This was our complete “how to” elope in cumberland falls guide!

Whattttt?! Isn’t this place just the coolest? Tell us what you think about cumberland falls!! Would you elope in cumberland falls? If you’re thinking about it… get in contact with us today! We wanna help build the day of your freaking DREAMS!


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How to Elope in Cumberland Falls

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