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Ohhhhh yeah. Things are about to get interesting up in here. Today we are chatting all about our favorite little spot in Kentucky, Red River Gorge! And not only that… but HOW TO: elope in red river gorge! Heck yes!! Buckle up! This is about to be one heck of a ride.

A Little About the Red River Gorge Area

Located in the heart of the blue grass state… RRG is one beautiful place. Named after it’s reddish, brown rock and gorges galore. Adorably nicknamed, “THE RED”, this place is a family favorite for people from Kentucky (and beyond!). Take a hike, go zip lining, rock climbing, and even underground kayaking!! If there is something outdoorsy you wanna do here, the answer is probably HELL YES! This baby is the place to hike in the midwest… and who says it can’t be the new mecca of midwestern elopements?!

When to Elope in Red River Gorge

As many popular hiking places like The Red, busy season is spring-fall. It is flooded with families enjoying their weekends and hiking, college kids blowing off steam, or even just your avid hikers during the workweek! SO, with that being said. Winter will always be your down season and time to get out there and be by yourself… It’s a winter wonderland in the parks! But if you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to explore during the peak of fall leaves and navigate your elopement through the people hiking and exploring as well, our personal vote is fall! Nothing beats those leaves. Nothing.

Sunrise vs. Sunset

The Red, just like any big state park, is probably best at sunset just because of the tall trees and hills… sunset is when you can see everything in the park in beautiful, colorful light! Sunrise can be just as spectacular, but we find sunset to be a little more predictable!

Weekdays vs. Weekends

Weekdays! Like we have mentioned before and above, weekends are family time! Parks like this will be beautifully populated with families doin’ their dam thing! WE LOVE THAT! A little family bonding on a hike never killed nobody πŸ˜‰ With that being said, if you are looking to elope in red river gorge and want a more private setting, the weekdays are your friends!

How to Elope in Red River Gorge

Permits for Weddings & Elopements in the Gorge

Lucky, lucky you! The Red is only a $50.00 permit charge for elopements/weddings! Heck yeah! We are all about parks who do their best to make this affordable for lovers like you! The park people here in Kentucky are doing their best to be there for you and your questions, you can reach at

The office of the Program Specialist for Commercial/Special Park Uses at 304-465-6517!

Know the Rules of the Park

  • Clean up! No littering!
  • Be respectful of the wildlife!! It is their home and you’re a visitor.
  • If you have a clean… leash ’em!
  • Be a good human being. That’s it. Really.

Choose a Ceremony Location in Red River Gorge

This is the FUN part! πŸ™‚ There are so so many gorgeous spots to elope in red river gorge… but we’ll share some personal favorites. The Natural Bridge. Period. That’s it. This place is epic and jaw-dropping and will leave you speechless. This is THE spot y’all. Another crowd favorite we have found is Creation Falls. Who doesn’t want their photos next to a waterfall… especially when you elope in red river gorge.

Getting to Red River Gorge

The Red is located in Daniel Boone National Forest… Only an hour east of Lexington! Horse capital of the world!! Take I-64 East to Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway (exit 98)… continue to Slade (exit 33). To enter the gorge through Nada Tunnel, turn left onto KY-15! Then you’ll take a right onto KY-77!

You will then pass through the small town of Nada… cutest little town! Then you will reach the infamous tunnel that serves as portal to the gorge. Watch for signs!! πŸ™‚ β€”the turn onto KY-77 and be careful! It can be easy to miss.

Pro Tips for How to Elope in Red River Gorge

Here are our pro tips as elopement photographers: Pack layers, especially if you’re coming in a colder season. You can always take layers off…. being cold during your elopement won’t make you very happy! Bring food/snacks, you don’t know how long you’re going to be out there or how many (Insanely epic) picture will be taken. GET READY for the time of your life. An elopement at Red River Gorge of all places is one for the books. Bring your best smile, your lover, and get ready to have a fun day.

Venders for Elopements in Red River Gorge

Airbnbs Near Red River Gorge


THEODORE, tiny cabin.



Ohhhh my goodness was this such a fun process finding only the best spots to elope in red river gorge for YOU!!!! We are so excited that you found your way here and are considering an elopement to a place like this! So exciting!!! The elopement process is a fun one and it goes by so fast, enjoy it!

Would you ever elope in red river gorge?! Tell us! We wanna know!


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How to Elope in Red River Gorge

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