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Helloooooo our lovely people and welcome back to our little blog! We are so dang glad you are here. Today we are bringing the heat with Gabby, Ben, and their Indianapolis Couples Session! WHAAAAT?! Yes. So grab a seat, a fuzzy blanket (its officially fall, y’all!), and cuddle up to read this blog about this super cute couple.

About Gabby + Ben

FIVE years together… that is a whopping 1,825 days… spent by each other’s side, Gabby and Ben know each other like the back of their hand. These lovers are avid bowlers, food connoisseurs, and ANIMAL LOVERS! (Just look at that sweet face of their Doberman, Kiera!! Boom. Automatic best friends with Bryt and I, hahaha! Their favorite place to eat in town is Teays. AGAIN, instant besties.

Ben and Gabby actually met at Gabby’s nephew’s first birthday party… AT her own parent’s house! Now you may be saying…. huh??? Let us bring some clarity to their first introductions. Gabby’s sister happened to be a caretaker for a young girl in the neighborhood (who was at the party obvi) and she brought Ben as her plus one.

LET’S JUST SAY, Gabby owes her sister one. LOL! A lifetime indebted to your sibling for introducing you to your significant other seems like quite the decent trade… “We both had a crush on each other but it was him who made the first move.” *insert all heart emojis here*

Fast forward five years… this is what they have to say when we asked what they love most about each other.

Ben: “Her innocent love of Disney and her snort when she laughs.”

Gabby: “I love how patient, kind and honest he is. His smile gives me goosebumps.”

ANDDDDD SWOON. We love this love.

Future Goals

Fast forward twenty more years…. we asked them where they see themselves, what they want to keep going strong, and how they want to grow together.

Their main hopes are to continue to be patient and honest with each other… good, solid goals of course! This is very very important to any relationship! Work together as a team. Communication is important, y’all!

Words they say would describe themselves and their relationship best go as follows: goofy, exciting, honest, dedicated, emotional, and trustworthy.

Those are exceptional words to describe an exceptional relationship.

You can just SEE these adjectives come out to play in these photos… get ready. 3… 2… 1…

Gabby + Ben and their Indianapolis Couples Session Continued

These are every bit of goofy, exciting, and emotional as the couples themselves. And we didn’t pick those words remember, these are words they would describe themselves as, and DANG! Were they spot on.

It is couples like Gabby and Ben that keep our jobs creative and exciting and filled with puppies…. shoutout to them for bringing their Doberman along for the ride! We never turn a doggie session away. 🙂

Check out another recent shoot in this area here! And we hope you also enjoyed a sneak peek at one of our top-secret Indianapolis Couples Session spots! We don’t want to give too much of the location away but the sunsets here are to die for! And it’s super private! #winnerwinner

How would you consider repaying your sibling if they set you up with your now significant other?! A lifetime certificate to their fav Mexican place? We recommend La Hacienda.

OR maybe something more realistic like a shopping spree at Urban? Okay Okayyyy maybe we’re just thinking of payments WE would happily accept 😉

Tell us how you would reward your sibling for this mega good deed!


Sam + Byrt


Indianapolis Couples Session//Gabby + Ben

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