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Matt + Jessica

Jess and Matt are no strangers to our page! We featured them when we had the absolute delight of taking their engagement pictures at the Celery Bog is West Lafayette! And now we are here to share their Halls of St George Wedding with you!

Jess and Matt met as next-door neighbors. The infamous story goes that Jess was in her backyard working out when Matt pops by to let his dog “go potty”… it is later revealed years later that he just wanted an excuse to talk to her. Dogs are the way to ANYONE’S heart!!!

It doesn’t stop with the dogs… A month later, Matt drops by AGAIN, this time asking about a stray cat in the neighborhood! CLEARLY we have an animal lover over here!!! Jess and Matt talk about it for a couple minutes and move on. So, a couple days go by without talking and Matt finally shoots his shot by leaving a note with his number on Jess’s car window and the rest is history! They have been together for a couple of years and are living the good life here in good old Indiana!

Well, guess what?! Couples photos lead to engagement photos and those lead to… that’s right! WEDDING PHOTOS! In this blog, Jessica and Matt are finally married and we are so excited to share those photos and a little bit about their Halls of St. George Wedding!! Whoop whooooop!


Looking for the perfect place for your wedding? Halls of St. George has you covered! Your day deserves to be remembered and with a little help from this epic venue…. there will be no doubt your wedding day will play on and on in the memories of your friends and fam!

The Halls of St. George is prettyyyyy much Northwest Indiana’s Finest Banquet Facility! YEP. You heard that here first, folks haha!! They are located justtt north of US Route 30 in Schererville, Indiana.

The Halls of St. George, a fantastic state-of-the-art facility, also happens to have a professional quality kitchen right within its walls that really bring the place together… it’s European Chef and staff combine “culinary perfection and dedicated service to make your event truly a memorable one”, it cannot get better than that.

Make your wedding a Halls of St. George Wedding with up to 1,000 of your absolutely nearest and dearest peeps with a click of a button… this one, actually!

A Halls of St George Wedding is bound to be a memorable one…. Just like Matt and Jessicas was! I MEAN COME ON, did we see those pictures???! Those two are two peas in a pod, made completely for each other.

Many moments in their ceremony we found ourselves tearing up, we cannot lie… It was MAGICAL! We wish Matt and Jessica the most genuine happily ever afters!!! 😉 We hope you enjoyed their Halls of St George Wedding!

Ready to book us as your photogs for your wedding?! Click here, let’s chat!


Sam + Bryt


Halls of St George Wedding//Jessica + Matt

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