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Utah is one of the most underrated places to adventure to! Fun Date Ideas in Utah are not hard to come by… but we are doing the digging for you today! Mountains, deserts, and all the in-betweens, Utah is the perfect place to spend a week or two! After traveling to Utah for an elopement, we spent a few days adventuring for ourselves. We can’t wait to share all of the fun date ideas in Utah with you! Keep scrolling to plan your Utah adventure!

Get ready for allll the fun date ideas in Utah!

1. Great Salt Lake State Park and The Great Saltair

Located a few miles from downtown SLC and the airport is Great Salt Lake State Park and The Great Saltair! The Great Saltair is a concert hall that is right on the edge of The Great Salt Lake. What isn’t mentioned is the beautiful sunset that this location provides. You don’t actually have to go into The Great Salt Lake State Park to see the views.

Pull right into the concert venue and park! Walk towards venue and down towards the water. Bring a picnic, a blanket, and your lover! Snuggle up and enjoy some of THE BEST sunset views you ever will see! I should warn you though, their are swarms of flies and it does stink a little ha! But you can totally look past that to enjoy the views! See for yourself why this is the perfect little date night event!

2. The Bonneville Salt Flats

One of the most iconic places to visit in Utah is probably The Bonneville Salt Flats. They were formed when ancient lake Bonneville dried up. These salt flats are truly like no other place on earth. They are about 110 miles away from SLC and are the perfect day trip! The flats are about 12 miles long and five miles wide. And sunsets? You guessed it. Indescribable.

The Salt Flats are open year round but keep in mind that there are several events held there and you’ll want some privacy on your date night 🙂 To find out more information about the salt flats, click HERE. And why not use your date night to get sunset photos taken at the salt flats? Contact us today to schedule your adventure session! (See more of Caitlin + B’s Bonneville Salt Flat session HERE!)

3. Shopping At Park City

If you say you aren’t a fan of outlet malls, you are lying to yourself! When you visit the outlet malls at Park city in Utah, you can shop till you drop! These shopping outlets are to die for and have everything you could possibly want or need.

If you aren’t sure if they have the stores that you were looking for, you can always check out their website ahead of time. Plan your day around this outing to the outlets, there are many places to stop and eat but of course your favorite will be the shopping. Our favorite thing to stop + look at are all of the local jewlers!

4. Visit Antelope Island

Where are you adrenaline junkies out there, this might just be your place. Although you can choose the level of adrenaline you choose to expand at Antelope Island, there is an abundance of adventures to partake on.

You can go for a hike, you can see the trail on horseback, or even mountain bike the back country trails. Keep your eyes peeled in case you see an antelope (where the island gets the name from) or some of its other desert creatures.

Fun Date Ideas in Utah Continued…

5. Ensign Peak Sunset Hike

Ensign peak is a well-known 0.8 mile out and back hike and is a perfect way to spend your time out in Utah! If you didn’t think this idea could get any better… Try it at sunset!

Bring a blanket and make a homemade charcuterie board… Doesn’t that sound fun?! Then, you can have a picnic after you hike to the top!! Make time in your Utah tour to take this hike and explore everything this magical peak has to offer – at sunset!

6. Visit Timpanogos Cave National Park

Have you ever wanted to take a guided tour through a cave? Who are we kidding, of course you have! This is your chance. When you visit Timpanogos Cave national park, you get to do just that! This cave is like it’s own under ground world.

When you take a tour through here, you will not only enjoy all the sites but you will get to learn about cave exploration and preservation. Cave life is completely different from the outside world, so adding this to your itinerary will give you a chance to see something you don’t see every day!

7. Big Canyon Scenic Drive

There is absolutely nothing more romantic than a good old fashion scenic drive. Blast some tunes, grab your lovers hand, rent a pretty cool car, and take this Big Canyon Scenic Drive!

This is something that is totally up Bryt and I’s alley. This scenic drive is straight out of a movie scene and is guaranteed to make for a memoral night that you will compare all your other dates to 😉 Haha! But, be sure to bring your camera and tripod so that you can take ALL THE SELFIES. Or better yet, bring us to capture it 🙂

8. Visit Bridal Veil Falls

OK so maybe it’s the pun intended, but we are pretty sure this should make the cut for any one getting married or eloping in Utah on your list of places to visit. Duhhhh! Bridal Veil falls?! Yeah maybe it’s just the pun… Regardless, this waterfall is jaw-dropping. And hiking up to it? Even better.

This waterfall is a dream and honestly, one of our top five that we’ve ever seen. You will not forget about this one EVER! Maybe you and your lover can hike a couple of trails, pack a yummy lunch, and then find your way to this epic waterfall.

Picture below is with our friends, Bree + Stephen! They took our pictures that you can see HERE and showed us all around their fav. spots!

9. Hike at American Fork Canyon

Remember the caves we told you about earlier on? Well this canyon and it’s trails lead to that cave! It’s all connected. Caves aside, The trails that lead to the American Fork Canyon are an adventure of their own.

Once again, pack a fun lunch between the two of you (or group of friends!) and maybe this time you can bring your camera along! Take some awesome pictures of you and your lover OR you and your friends because the memories you will make on this trail will last a lifetime. This hike is a 10 out of 10.

We suggest waking up at 3 am to checkout the Alpine Glow as we did in our pictures below! Just think about it… not a soul in site, your lover in your arms, breakfast as the sun comes up. THE PERFECT DATE.

Fun Date Ideas in Utah//Summing It Up

So y’all, how we feeling about this list?! These are our some of the best Fun Date Ideas in Utah. We are counting our days until we can head back to this marvelous place and maybe add more to this fantastic list. We had a fun time coming up with all of these ideas to help you make the most of your trip out west to Utah!

Looking for another travel blog?! We have you covered. Or better yet, let us take you on the adventure! Contact us today to start planning your Utah elopement!


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Fun Date Ideas in Utah//Sam + Bryt’s Adventures

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