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How To: Be Confident At Your Photoshoot- bride smiling at camera, husband and wife posing at west Lafayette Indiana elopement

How To: Be Confident At Your Photoshoot

Have you ever booked a photo session and worried that you would look awka awkward?! SAME! It’s actually NORMAL to feel nervous about how you’ll look or feel at a photo session. So today on our agenda today is something almost everyone deals with from one time to another… the constant STRUGGLE of feeling confident at your photoshoot! Have no fear…. Sam and Bryt are here! WE WANT TO HELP! After reading this blog you are going to be feeling like Billy Porter strutting down the red carpet at the Golden Globes! (AKA LIKE THE MODELS YOU ARE!)

As a couple of adventure elopement photographers, we know that you want candid, natural looking images that do NOT feel stiff or posed. SO DO WE! In order to do that you need to pick the right photographer (heyyy!) who understands your comfort levels and can direct you with confidence.

This is no easy task, do not get me wrong… You only get one chance to take your elopement photos and you don’t want to risk booking the wrong photographer which makes you feel anxious about photographer searching. Here at Samantha Mitchell Photography we believe that taking pictures should feel candid, confident, and natural – which is why we use our 10-step candid captures framework to ensure your photos turn out exactly how you want them! SAY WHAAAAA?!

Here’s how we help you be confident at your photoshoot in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Inquire on our contact page so we can learn more about your comfort levels, direction needs, and prior experience with other photographers. This will help us direct you and your lover during our photos!

Step 2: We’ll hop on a phone call or video chat to solidify plans for your elopement! We’ll discuss the important details like what kind of posing is most attractive to you, if you prefer romantic or humorous images, and your elopement location!

Step 3: Officially book your date and we’ll capture your lovely adventure so you can have everlasting memories to cherish 🙂 

So CONTACT US today via this link! And in the mean time, enjoy this list of tips and tricks to feel confident while posing for your elopement photos so you can stop worrying about how you’ll look and start getting excited to celebrate the elopement you deserve!

How To: Be Confident At Your Photoshoot-new husband and wife laughing together, Indiana elopement, midwest elopement


When you are on the hunt for “the one”, find a photog that you really vibe with! Find a photographer whose images speak to you and make you excited for your elopement day! Find someone who will help you maintain your confidence at your photoshoot!! Before you book with them, make sure to meet them either in person or through a video call! There’s a good chance that if you meet ahead of time, you are going to figure out if you are a just right fit! And it’s okay if some photogs aren’t! It’s your day and you get to choose! Find someone that you can’t wait to work with on your wedding day. Because let’s face it, you’re almost going to spend more time with your photog then you are your lover haha! So ya better like them 😉


This is one of the biggest lessons we have learned through the years of both being IN photos and being the photographers ourselves. Your photoshoot is not the time to try out those new heels or jeans… Wear something you KNOW that you love and something you KNOW you will be comfortable in! You never know what kind of adventures we can get into while shooting 😉 When we schedule a session or book an elopement with someone we make sure their attire also aligns with WHERE you are taking pictures!


It is our job after all… wink wink 😉 We are here to help and so soooo happy to! This is the fun part! Let us guide you on where to put your hands or how to stand. We got you!!! We will never let you pose awkwardly, so don’t even give it a second thought. From the moment we book with our couples we are learning all about them! We are learning who they are as a couple + how they “are” together! The joy of getting to know them authentically + making sure our prompts align with who they are as a couple is a fun part of the job! We actually base our posing off of prompting! More so like fun games and prompts to get you smiling and feeling like you aren’t even taking pictures! It’s so much more fun this way! Gone are the days of awkward posing!


Now don’t get us wrong… we love those crazy, epic make up looks. That is not what this is about! Your photoshoot is also not the time to try out new makeup looks, y’all. KEEP IT SIMPLE Y’ALL! Do something you usually do or something you absolutely, positively know you will like. Or better yet, make sure to get a makeup (and hair!) trial ahead of time! That way you know 100% you are going to love the look!


If you are feeling rushed or stressed out, it will totally show! Build lots of time into you elopement day to just enjoy the moments and not feel rushed to get to When we are planning your elopement, we make sure to include lots of time to just live in the moments and not feel stressed! We actually feel this one is so important that we wrote a whole blog about how to slow down and enjoy the small moments on your elopement day! When you have time to just ease into things and take it slow, it truly avoids the pressure of feeling stressed and stuck to a schedule or time frame. You only get married once! Enjoy it!


Does that cliff feel a little too high? Are you unsure about a hike? You totally have the right to say no if something doesn’t feel comfortable! If you FEEL uncomfortable there is a good chance you are probably going to look uncomfortable! If a pose or location doesn’t ever feel like YOU, you can totally speak up! The entire goal is to stay confident at your photoshoot! Don’t worry about offending or dissapointing your photog, you are allowed to be you! Because remember, at the end of the day, we want you to feel BOMB AF in your photos!


Okay, hear us out on this one! You might be thinking well, why do I need another session when I’m getting ready to have all of these gorgeous pictures from our wedding day?! Well, it’s a proven fact that having an adventure/engagement session BEFORE your elopement, will actually make you feel more confident at your photoshoot for your WEDDING! For real! Think about it.. if you and your babe have never had your pictures taken before, there can be so many nerves. You don’t want to be worried about that on your wedding day! Instead get those nerves out at an adventure session! That way when your big day comes, you have so much less to worry about! Plus when we get to meet in person ahead of time, we learn so much about how you and your lover show affection and we can more authentically pose you! It’s a win-win! Have we convinced you yet?!


This one sounds like a cliche, but I mean it!! Just be natural!!! Smile that beautiful smile of yours and you are GOLDEN! Because on your wedding day you are going to look and feel amazing! And it will totally show in the photos! Just enjoy the moments, have fun, and don’t worry about a thing! WE GOTCHU! Be yourself authentically and unapologetically!

husband and wife laugh together, elopement photographer, west Lafayette Indiana elopement

WOW!!! That is a lot of information to take in, huh?? BUT it’s good information for you to have prior to any photoshoot – no matter how big or small! To recap a little bit for ya; we told you all of our BEST KEPT secrets on how WE try to BE and STAY confident at your photoshoot. BUT WE DIDN’T STOP THERE! We also provided a list of things that you can do before and during your photoshoot that will keep you feeling the very most confident in your photos!

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How To: Be Confident At Your Photoshoot

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