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When COVID hit, we had the idea of educating couples that they can actually elope right here in Indiana! Many times when couples think of eloping they think of some far off, islandish place. But you actually CAN elope anywhere (Midwest included)! So we started planning and were ready to hit the ground rolling to show everyone that an Indiana Elopement is totally possible + it can be just as beautiful! We hope you enjoy our Indiana Styled Elopement!

Morgan and Kyle met at Klondike Elementary School. Romantic, right?!? They worked together painting the bathrooms the week before school started before Morgan’s first year there. Kyle didn’t say a word to her! As time went on, he continued not to speak. Even when Morgan would bring up casual conversation, he pretended not to hear her. In late February of that year, their friend Jimmy asked Morgan if she would be interested in getting to know Kyle better. She was very confused. The guy who didn’t talk to her? Sure, that sounded like an interesting date! Nonetheless, she agreed.

Their first meet up was seeing Captain Marvel with a group of friends on opening night. They sat by each other, and afterwards Kyle got her number from the group chat they were in. Now they have been together around a year and half, although, neither of them know their anniversary. LOL. Scroll on down to see their beautiful styled Indiana Elopement shoot.

Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle - LEFT: Bride looks at camera with bouquet in hands. RIGHT: Bride touches her shoulder while looking at the camera and holding bouquet in opposite hand.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle - First look with Bride and Groom. Bride smiles at groom while holding bouquet while groom wipes his eyes.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle -  Groom and bride look at each other while walking towards the camera.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle -  Couple kisses in front of alter at Fairfield Lakes Park.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle - LEFT: Groom kisses bride on forehead, bride looks at camera with eyes closed. RIGHT: Groom touches head to bride's hair as she laughs.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle - Couple holds hands in water at Fairfield Lakes Park.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle - Bride stands alone near the water looking at her bouquet peacefully.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle -  Couple sits in the sand together and feed each other bites of wedding cake.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle - Couple sit together in the sand kissing.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle - Couple pops a bottle of champagne in the sand near the water.
Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle - Couple kisses while champagne sprays around,

Indiana Elopement // Morgan + Kyle

What do you love most about your partner?

Morgan –  I’d have to say it would be his ability to love me and care for me quietly. He is always there even in the craziest situations. Especially basketball season-which is a crazy situation itself. I know he’s looking out for me, literally and figuratively. Some of my favorite times at games is when he scans the crowd and finds me and gives a quick smile. 🙂 He’s also quick to forgive, slow to get angry (and respond to texts LOL), and always fun to laugh with.

Kyle – My favorite thing about Morgan is that she allows me to be myself and she loves me for that. Of course she is super sweet, kind, funny (very good at giving me heck at times), smart, and we just have similar interests. We love to cook, be outside for walks and hikes, movies and just love being with each other.

We hope you enjoyed this beautiful session + alllll the details! Now that you’re thinking of eloping, we would love to shoot your Indiana Elopement! With this in mind, check out our 10 Epic Reasons to Elope in the Midwest to see some awesome reasons why you should elope in the Midwest!

Sam + Bryt

Creative Team:
Lead Photographer/Planner: Samantha Mitchell Photography
Planner: Honey Suckle Images
Dress: Elegance Wedding + Evening Wear
Makeup Artist: Makeup By Kali
Ring: ⁣⁣Roth Brothers Jewlery
Invitation Suite: Kelsey Wolfley Designs
Florals: Shadow Box Floral
Day of Coordinator: Andrea P. Events


Indiana Elopement// Morgan + Kyle

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