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Are you struggling to find date night ideas while in quarantine, if so keep on reading! Spending quality time with your partner is very important. COVID-19 has caused a halt in some of our busy lives. Take this time to relax, learn new tricks and hobbies, and most importantly spend time with your loved ones. If you need a little help below here are 7 Quarantine Date Night Ideas!

Being in quarantine is the perfect time to get creative with date nights at home. Anyone else getting tired of being cooped up in the house?! You need to remember that you are a team, you are in this for the long haul (quarantine or not HA!). Maybe take this time to reconnect with one another. You can be as creative as you want during this time. There is def. something for all couples here! We have also attached some links for items or ideas that we have shared so that you can plan those date nights right away!

7 Quarantine Date Night Ideas

  1. Game Night

We LOVE a good family game night, our favorite games are Clue and Skipbo. Those games are hard to play with only two people. Here are a few games to try: rummy, scrabble, Yahtzee, battleship, mancala, chess, checkers, and monopoly. So many options out there for a good game night. Pinterest also has awesome ideas to make your own game boards! What would you make on your own game?!

2. Watch a Live Concert

Right now so many artists are having live concerts on Facebook or Instagram. Order a pizza, crack open a Blue Moon, cuddle up and take full advantage of that concert! Every Thursday night we watch one of our favorite artists on Facebook. We have been to his concerts every year and we were unable to go to his last concert due to COVID-19. Verizon Wireless is also doing pay it forward live concerts every Tuesday and Thursday! There are so many options now for live concerts, just like us artists are antsy to do something.

3. Drink and Canvas

Pour a glass of wine, or in our case a vodka lemonade, and paint away! YouTube has tutorials that you can follow along with and you can even buy a kit on Amazon! When you are done let them dry and the next day find a special place in your house to hang them up.  This is a great way to determine who has the painting skills in the relationship ha!

HERE is an at home painting tutorial on YouTube! And check out our past bride and groom’s painting date below! Shout out to Cj and Helen who gave Bob Ross a run for his money! 😉 Click the picture to see their final products!

4. Movie night in the backyard

Display a movie on the fence or on a projector screen in your backyard. Blow up your air mattress, light a fire, grab some popcorn, s’mores, and get ready to have an amazing date night. It is starting to get warmer in Indiana so this is perfect! This date night might require some online ordering so make sure to prepare this night a few weeks in advance. Try some of the other ideas we listed while waiting for supplies to come in. If you really want to get wild, camp out after the movie and do some star gazing! 

5. Candlelit Homemade Dinner

If you and your partner are not the best cooks that is ok! A candlelit dinner makes any food romantic. This is a good way to bond together, and to figure out who the better cook is. If you do not have any fancy candles lying around the house feel free to use the ones you have from bath and body works or Walmart.

6. Plan your next trip

We are clearly obsessed with traveling. We are always planning somewhere new to go and have a bucket list full of locations! This is a great opportunity to sit with your partner and plan an adventerous trip for when the world is somewhat normal again. Start saving what you can into a jar and start planning that dream vacation. We have our anniversary trip that we have started to plan. I enjoy looking at Trip Advisor for ideas in the area we are traveling. Below is a picture from our last anniversary trip in the Rocky Mountain National Park!

7 Date Night Ideas for Quarantine- Two Brides enjoying an embrace on a cliff in Denver, Colorado

7. Learn a new skill

Think about the things that your spouse is REALLY good at! Maybe it is wood working or maybe it is cooking! Ask them to help you learn a new skill. Take turns showing each other what to do! Our intern, Zyan and her woodworking husband had the cutest idea! Zyan wanted a raised garden bed so that she could actually have a garden this year. She asked her hubby to help her build a perfect raised bed for their house! See the picutre below to get an idea of what they did together 🙂

For Christmas Zyan got an aero garden to grow her seeds inside during the cold winter months. Now they are ready to be planted in her new raised garden that her and Hunter built! The aero garden is something fun them to do together and they get to watch the plants grow and plant more seeds when needed. They grew broccoli, lettuce, cilantro, chives, brussel sprouts, basil, parsley, rosemary, sweet peppers, and cauliflower in their aero garden. Now they will continue to grow them together in the garden that they built on their date night!

couples enjoying 7 quarantine date night ideas

I hope you enjoyed reading about 7 quarantine date night ideas, which one will you try out first? Maybe you want to try your hand at painting or maybe you are ready to plan that trip to get away! If you would like to see a fun photo session date night with pizza click HERE! Or if you would like more date night ideas, check out this article!

If you want your date night documented, we would LOVE to capture it! Click here to contact us today!


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7 Quarantine Date Night Ideas

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