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As photographers + members of the lgbtq+ community, we are always making sure the wording that we use shows respect and inclusion for all kinds of kinds. Here are 10 tips for creating an inclusive website for all kinds of love.

1. Use Gender Inclusive Language

Use a variety of gender inclusive language on your website and social media. Don’t just say “bride + groom.” Instead say the couple, babes, lovers, etc! When speaking in videos that you might create or when you go “live” be aware of how you are saying things! Remember to do this across ALL social media and website accounts.

2. Update your Forms/ Questionnares

Update your forms to be more gender inclusive. Whenever you have a questionnare or a contact form, make sure to make your language inclusive . Instead of bride and groom say – Partner 1 and Partner 2. Or make it more fun and say – Lover 1 + Lover 2. Keep it light hearted!

lgbtq pizza + beer engagement photos

3. Showcase A Variety Of Couples

Represent a variety of couples on your website. This shows you are inclusive to all types of love. ⁣Make sure there is at least one couple represented on your home page and that they are also represented in your galleries! In addition, make sure to add a blog of that couple so that when we are scrolling, we see a blog of an LGBTQ+ couple! This helps us feel welcome! Honestly, when I scroll to a website and I don’t see an lgbtq+ couple featured, I don’t even stay!

In addition, once you have photographed an LGBTQ+ couple, get a stellar review from them + post it on your webiste! If I actually can SEE how well you worked with a couple (like us!) you have our vote!

If you don’t have photos to publish, host a styled shoot! Better yet, make sure to feature only businesses that ARE inclusive to LGBTQ+ couples! That way, if and when a couple stumbles on that styled shoot/blog page, they can see all other vendors that are inclusive too!

If you aren’t sure where to find a couple, join a Facebook Group! Most cities have their own communities! Our local one is called Queering Indy. Then ask the moderator if you can post a request for a couple to shoot!

4. Be Bold In Your Website Copy

Place a statement somewhere sharing that you are willing to work with anyone. Seriously, I looked for those⁣ words everywhere when looking for our photog! ⁣You can say you are an ally or just that you are inclusive to all kinds of kinds! Any little bit helps!

You can also add a little badge on your Google Business profile!

5. Add A Badge/Icon

Add a badge or icon from an inclusive LGBTQ+ vendor group that you are in! We created an Indiana LGBTQ+ Wedding network to support our local community and once we are up and running, we will be creating a badge for all vendors to display on their website! If you aren’t in a group, find one on Facebook! Or add a small little rainbow (this is a symbol for love is love) to the footer of your website!

indianapolis, indiana photographer session

6. Get Featured

Get featured on an LGBTQ+ blog or magazine! Some of our favorites include Equally Wed or Equal + Forever! Or have one of your LGBTQ+ couples featured on a blog! We most recently got one of our couples featured on Weddings in Indiana! I love that other blog and website owners are now featuring LGBTQ+ couples as well!

7. Show your support

Annual Pride parades may not be your scene (I actually get claustraphobic going ha!) but you can show your support in other ways! Look into sponsering a local organization that helps LGBTQ+ individuals. Join a queer friendly facebook group! Donate to different organizations that help displaced teens. There are so many great ways to show your support without acutally attending a Pride Parade!

You could also take a photo holding up a sign that says something about love is love or inclusion for all. Then write a comment on insta about how you are supporting love for everyone!

8. Hashtags

Use hashtags to show you are inclusive on your social media posts. There are so so many great hashtags to use when you are posting. When you do have a hashtag that is inclusive, it shows couples that you are inclusive!

Some of my favorite hashtags to use are:
#love is love #lovewins #lgbtqweddingphotographer #lovewhoyoulove #samesexwedding #twobrides #twogrooms , #indypride , etc!

9. Be Consistant

Remember to be consistant and continouly support the lgbtq+ community! Continue to focus on all of the above things, and honestly just do your best to support! Continue to use your social media platforms to educate your followers and share things in a way that show inclusion.

tips for creating an inclusive website

10. Don’t be afraid to ask!

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. We LOVE when community members reach out to us and ask for help with wording or if they want to make sure their website is inclusive. If you need help at anytime, feel free to email us at and we are more than happy to help!

Sam + Bryt

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10 Tips For Creating An Inclusive Website

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