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Last year I was shooting an engagement session in the dead of winter and I’m pretty sure at some point all of us were like WHY THE HECK ARE WE OUT HERE RIGHT NOW?! It was so cold that you could even see their breath! Like WHAT THE EFF?! But in between running to our cars to warm up and not being able to feel our fingers, I kinda fell in love with winter engagement shoots. I shot a couple more last winter and learned some tried and true tricks to capture some magic! So, if you are looking for winter engagement photo ideas, you have come to the right place!


The first thing that I think about when I think about winter is my birthday – I mean Christmas! So what better location to have an engagement session than a local Christmas Tree Farm?! Even better, make a whole date out of it! Have your engagement session first then support a small business and cut a tree down together! One of my favorite things to do is photograph couples doing the things they love. Picking out a tree together would seriously be the cutest thing ever! We love Cottrell’s Christmas Tree Farm and Cosgray Christmas Tree Farm!


If its REALLY flippin’ cold – Find somewhere to finish your session at! A favorite coffee shop or a trip to the library is the perfect way to warm up at the end of your session! Or find some place that the two of you love going to and see if your photographer can make it happen! Other ideas include Target, local diners, or even your favorite restaurant! We shot the cutest engagement session at a local coffee shop (Star City Coffee and Ale House). It was the perfect way to end our session!


Okay guys, its winter. If we are going to go freeze our booty’s off we might as well go all out and shoot in the snow! See if your photographer can tentatively schedule you for a winter snow session! When it snows, you can call them up and capture some AMAZING snow photos! Also, can I say SNOW BALL FIGHTS?! What is better than ending your session with a friendly little war? And let’s be honest, you two will just naturally be all close and cozy because you are so cold! Close + Cozy lead to some of the cutest snuggle photos!


Next up, lets talk about props! When it comes to winter, nothing is better than adding a warm and cozy blanket to your session and cuddling in to keep warm! Urban Outfitters has some of the cutest patterns! Find one that compliments your outfits and get ready to sneak some kisses under the blanket!


Yes its cold. & Yes you can wear a jacket (for some anyways!). I love the look of being all bundled up and romping through the snow. Find accessories such as beanies and scarves that compliment each other. We can even switch them out – so you totally can bring a few options! Also a big secret of mine is to wear a pair of leggings under your outfit! Especially if you are going bold and wearing a dress! We wont even notice they are under your dress! It truly makes sense that you are bundled up during a WINTER engagement shoot so bring those accessories!


Last year when it was -945348 during our coldest session, we made sure to take lots of breaks. AKA run as fast as you can to the warm car. Warm up. Make eye contact and run back out. Repeat. Feel free to keep your car running if it is safe to do so!


So if you are still digging that warm, cozy feel but not digging the cold so much there are still other options! An in home session is a perfect middle point! Imagine being snuggled up on the couch enjoying a cozy cup of chai. Or the two of you baking cookies together. You can even chat with your photog. to see if there are any super cute Airbnbs around! Then you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up your house! It’s literally the best of both worlds!

We hope these winter engagement photo ideas and tips get you thinking about all the fun photo opportunities winter presents! So, what do you think? Are you ready to brave the winter cold for some engagement photos?! Let us know if you can handle the cold in the comments below!

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Winter Engagement Photo Ideas// West Lafayette, Indiana Photographers

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