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Couple kissing at their LGBTQ Wedding in Spanish Fork Utah

An LGBTQ+ wedding is incredibly unique and we love all of the different ways this community makes their wedding custom fitted to the couple. Some of our favorite weddings to photograph are those of LGBTQ+ couples simply because you know what you’re capturing is something that had a lot of thought and intention behind it. 

If you’re planning your own queer wedding, here are a few ideas on how to custom craft a ceremony that suits your unique relationship: 

1. Friends over family 

The unfortunate truth is, many of us don’t have the same relationship to our family as cis, straight couples do. Which means we often get to choose our family. There’s something special about having that chosen family walk you down the aisle, read a speech or officiate your ceremony. So, toss out all of the tradition around who is “supposed” to do what during your ceremony and make it your own! 

2. Walk down the aisle together at your LGBTQ Wedding

There are no gender norms in LGBTQ+ weddings. This means no one needs to walk down the aisle by themselves if they don’t want to! Strut your stuff with your spouse to be and walk down the aisle together! Bonus points if you pick an anthem song you two share vs. the classic piano or orchestrated songs like “bridal march”. 

3. Consider a destination wedding or elopement 

What better way to celebrate with the people you love most than on a beach, in the mountains or at your dream international destination?! As photographers, we selfishly LOVE destination weddings. It’s an incredible opportunity to photograph our clients’ love stories in a unique and beautiful place. BONUS: you get to roll your wedding and honeymoon destination into one! If you’re looking for a hand planning out your elopement wedding, check out our timeline here

Whether it’s just you and your spouse or with a few select family members/friends, we’re big proponents of elopement-style weddings for LGBTQ+ couples. 

4. Switch up the signage

Signs Signs and more signs! So much about the wedding industry is gendered and unfortunately, that includes much of the signage and wedding decor. Switch it up and support small allied and queer-owned businesses by purchasing nongendered or LGBTQ+ inclusive signage. Here are just a few ideas of businesses you could support. 

This is a great way to support a small business AND get customized decor you can keep for years to come! 

5. Choose your own officiant 

Traditionally, weddings are officiated by a member of whatever religion the couple subscribes to. Did you know that’s not a requirement? Not only do you not have to be religious to be married but you do not need a religious figure to validate and legalize your marriage. Instead, ask a close friend or loved one who can deliver an intimate, hilarious, and loving officiation. Some of the best officiations we’ve seen have been delivered by the besties of the newlyweds. It adds a whole new vibe to the entire ceremony. 

Summing Up Having A Unique LGBTQ Wedding

However you plan your special day, we hope these 5 tips have sparked new ideas on how you can make it uniquely yours. Weddings are meant to be crafted to each and every individual couple and we can’t wait to hear more about how you build yours.

If we can help take any planning off of your shoulders, we’d love to hear from you and chat about any other ideas you may have in mind! 

Drop a line! Let’s make your unique LGBTQ Wedding come to life!

Sam + Bryt

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5 ideas for A LGBTQ Wedding Ceremony

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