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LGBTQ Wedding vendors help plan a wedding for two woman in indianapolis, Indiana

We are so excited to speak more about better serving LGBTQ+ couples! This post is for wedding vendors who are looking to level up their services for a more inclusive experience for ALL couples. As LGBTQ Wedding Vendors ourselves (and a couple who has been recently married), we know what it is like to feel welcomed and well, not so welcomed. We hope these tips will help you better serve LGBTQ+ couples!


TIP 1: LGBTQ+ Want To Feel Welcomed

This means they need to feel represented and welcome to work with you. Whether you’re using images of LGBTQ+ couples on your website, on your social feeds or explicitly mentioning them in your copy/content, you need to make a concerted effort to let LGBTQ+ know they are welcome and safe with you. Assuming won’t cut it! 

Consider joining LGBTQ+ centric directories or taking an inclusion course to help equip yourself with the knowledge and language to be an inclusive business owner. 

TIP 2: Be Respectful

We may not all feel equipped to hold a conversation on LGBTQ+ marriage, especially if you’re just getting started in your inclusion efforts. Don’t worry, you’ll get there! For now, know that just by reading this article, you’ve taken a MAJOR step in learning how to be ultra respectful and affirming for your LGBTQ+ clients. When in doubt, keep your language gender neutral and respect that although your learning may take time, no one owes you patience.

TIP 3: Implement Pronoun Usage

Put them on your website, in your email signature, in your forms, on your social media, etc. Wear a pronoun pin to your current events and jobs. This is literally the smallest and most impactful step you can take to signal you are an ally for LGBTQ+ clients.

TIP 4: Watch Your Verbiage as LGBTQ+ Wedding Vendors

Whether in person, on your website, in your contact form or on social, be wary of gendered language. Words like “groom”, “bride”, “bridal party”, “bridesmaid”, etc. are all gendered and should be replaced with gender-neutral terms. 

Consider replacing these with terms such as “wedding party”, “partner #1”, “partner #2”, “entourage” or “wedding crew”. 

TIP 5: Be so explicitly inclusive that no one has to ask if you are “affirming”

This work will take time but there are a million ways to loudly and clearly state your inclusiveness. From pride-centric events/mini sessions and social posts during LGBTQ+ centric holidays to educational content, blog posts, and more, you can show up for the community little by little until your allyship is obvious.

None of us can learn what we aren’t sure we don’t know. A GREAT way to start bringing awareness to your inclusion efforts is to follow other LGBTQ+ inclusive vendors and learn from them. Here are our favorite local inclusive venues to get you started. Go give them a follow!

Bonus for all LGBTQ+ Wedding Vendors

LGBTQ Wedding vendors help plan a wedding for two men in indianapolis, Indiana

Bonus: Things not to ask/say to an LGBTQ+ couple as LGBTQ Wedding Vendors

We asked a few of our Instagram followers for some recommendations on things not to say/ask to an LGBTQ+ couple. Some of these are real scenarios folks! Be mindful in what you say, how you say it, and be willing to apologize if you do say the wrong thing.

  • Who’s the groom?
  • Who’s the bride?
  • Who’s the man/woman in the relationship?
  • So what gender are you really?
  • Will you have a “normal” wedding?
  • This is where the “insert gender here” will go when showing a wedding venue
  • Here’s some stickers (gives them bride/groom stickers)
  • Saying “bridal party” when there is no bride

Again, we hope you know that just by reading this post, you’re making major strides in your inclusivity and we appreciate your willingness to support! Using these tips will help you become inclusive LGBTQ Wedding Vendors!

Sam + Bryt

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5 Things LGBTQ Couples Want Wedding Vendors To Know

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