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OH MY GOSH!!! We are so EXCITED to share with you Caitlin + Bryggs’ West Lafayette LGBTQ Proposal!!!! These two are the absolute perfect match for each other and you can definitely see it right through their pictures. We shot their session in a TOTALLY GORGEOUS field of wildflowers and it did not disappoint. Although the rain earlier in the day had been relentless… clouds parted and everything fell into place for a picture perfect evening.

Bryggs + Caitlin

Bryggs and Caitlin have been together around a year and a half. They first connected over lovely app, Instagram. “Caitlin was featured on a page we both followed and I slide into her DMs commenting on her tattoo,” says Bryggs. They have been talking every since!!!! They are currently living the city life together in Indianapolis! Their favorite things to do together aren’t crazy… they say they enjoy the simple moments together at home with their animals!

Caitlin quotes that she remembers knowing Bryggs was the one after she read a book called “All About Love” by Bell Hooks and came across this passage… “As a society we are embarrassed by love. We treat it as if it were an obscenity. We reluctantly admit to it. Even saying the word makes us stumble and blush…Love is the most important thing in our lives, a passion for which we would fight or die, and yet we’re reluctant to linger over its names. Without a supple vocabulary, we can’t even talk or think about it directly.”- Diane Ackerman. IS THAT NOT THE SWEETEST QUOTE EVER! AND SO TRUE! “I felt this so deeply and felt as though I had waited my whole life for Bryggs” Caitlin also writes to us.

As for Bryggs, it came in “waves of realizations.” They remark that their third date was one of their personal relations, they had a deep talk about their futures and what they wished for themselves. “The second wave was at a music festival we attended in Iowa with good friends of ours. Cait loves music – and music loves Cait” Brygss says. It was not long after that, they realized Caitlin was the one for them.

Proposal x2?!

This was no ordinary proposal session… in fact, they were already engaged! Bryggs had already proposed earlier – they share that they had the instinct one night to hop out of bed, retrieve the ring from its hiding place, and ask the question right there on Caitlin’s side on the bed! “Not incredibly romantic, but she said yes!!” Bryggs also shared with us. It was not until they had booked with us to shoot an engagement session that Caitlin decided (with the help of us and friends) to surprise Bryggs with a proposal of their own! AWWWWW, AM I RIGHT?!

So this was an engagement session gone PROPOSAL! Cannot get better than that. Our amazing friend Andrea with Andrea Peterson Events had worked with Caitlin to set up something unique and special for the two of them…a vintage decanter and a guitar were both some of the main pieces in this adorable setup. The finishing touch you may ask? A Matryoska doll, or a set of Russian stacking dolls, but not just ANY Russian stacking dolls. These ones were full of notes, pictures, and song lyrics that helped describe Caitlin’s love for Bryggs. YEP. WE’RE ALL CRYING AT THIS POINT. SO what are you waiting for?! Scroll on to see alllllll the beautiful photos from this proposal!

Words of Advice//West Lafayette LGBTQ Proposal

This session was unbelievably enchanting – a true dream! Bryggs and Caitlin share that one of their most memorable parts of the session was the muddiness after it had rained all day… and Caitlin’s decision to wear heels! HA! Walking on the soft ground was definitely a challenging task, Bryggs writes, “but so worth it!” And as far as words of advice goes for potential couples, Caitlin shares, “being able to work with Sam ahead of time to surprise Bryggs was SO FUN. I highly recommend planning a little surprise for your special person.” We AGREE!

This West Lafayette LGBTQ Proposal was one for the books… after any West Lafayette session our most favorite place to stop in for dinner is Freddie’s!!!!! It is the perfect way to end a spectacular day! 🙂

We hope you enjoyed reading all about our fun West Lafayette LGBTQ Proposal session with Bryggs and Caitlin… want to see more pictures from our fantastic clientele?! Click Here!


Sam + Bryt

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West Lafayette LGBTQ Proposal // Caitlin + Bryggs

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