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Looking for fun, unique, and inclusive ways to go out on the town in downtown Indy?! We gotchu!!! Here is our TOP TEN LGBTQ date night ideas in Indianapolis.

St. Elmos Steak House

Food… enough said. No but really, you can never –ever– go wrong with a nice dinner in the city! St.Elmos is a well known steak house in the heart of the city of Indy and would be an awesome part to any date night!

First Friday

With fascinating alliteration like that you are going to NEED more information on this date night. First Friday is an event that happens the first Friday of every month… local artists gather and share their work with other artists and city dwellers that are… wait for it… looking for a cute date night. Better yet? The event is free.

indiana lgbtq photographer

Tappers Arcade Bar

Are you a couple of gamers?! Or just maybe a couple who likes to try new things together?? THIS IS FOR YOU! Tappers is a normal bar with a twist. Not only can you go to grab a drink and a bite to eat… but after the food is all gone you can explore their arcade! Try something new + get your competitive side on at Tappers Arcade Bar.

Indianapolis Artsgarden

What is better than FREE THINGS and CONCERTS? Absolutely nothing… except for when they go together!!!!! Visit the Indianapolis Artsgarden for their annual 250 concerts. If you’re not lucky enough to be there when the music is booming, don’t worry! The views from the artsgarden is just as beautiful with or without a live concert.

Downtown Olly’s

A bar with a large LGBTQ following might just be what you’re looking for. In a laid back St. Joseph’s neighborhood, you can plan a date here at any time of the day… for real… 24 hour service! Downtown Olly’s is there for you if you’re looking for good food, better drinks, + a good time.

Go Karting

If y’all are looking to rekindle some childhood feels while living in the moment, check this out! Speedway Go Karting in Fishers is here for all your unique date night needs. For obvious reasons, maybe plan for your meal afterwards but whatever you choose to do; you can never go wrong with go karting.

Top Golf

Tee off your evening with a trip to Top Golf! Once you play a Top Golf you’re a member for life, a pretty sweet deal, right?!!! You can choose to eat before or after golfing but another perk to adding Top Golf into your evening is they do offer food at their facilities! You don’t have to even leave your green! Take your date to the next level of fun at Top Golf.

The Tie-Dye Lab

Looking for a creative outlet? The Tie-Dye Lab is coming in clutch to save your date night. Design your own rainbow dyed shirts, socks, towels… whatever you’re feelin’!!! Nothing beats the feeling when your tie-dye comes out perfect… get your tie-dye on with this idea!

Drive In Movie

Drive In Movies are the perfect way to create an vintage date vibe and get back some of that old-fashioned type love all while having a modern twist! Go when your favorite movie series is releasing their third movie or go when they’re playing an 80’s throwback film… whatever you choose, it will not disappoint! Tibbs Drive In is the perfect place to visit.


Here is an obvious one!!!! Planning a date around Indy in June?! Find one of IndyPride fabulous extravaganzas to have a good time! Celebrate your love while being surrounding by hundreds, if not thousands, celebrating right with you! IndyPride is your perfect resource for finding anything… Indy pride.

That’s all she wrote! Literally. Hahaha all jokes aside, this was our TOP TEN LGBTQ date night ideas in Indianapolis. We hope you found this helpful and we hope you use this list the next time you’re planning an Indy date night!

Looking for LGBTQ friendly Indianapolis restaurants?? We have a blog just for that. Click HERE!

We would LOVE to know what your fav. date night is! Drop us a comment + let us know so we can add it to the list!


Sam + Bryt


LGBTQ date night ideas in Indianapolis

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