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Planning a proposal?!

Colorado… home of beautiful mountains, mesas, and your engagement! There are so many picture perfect locations to choose from in this stunning state to pop the special question and it can be overwhelming… that’s why we’ve done the scouting for you! This is our list of the most Romantic Places in Colorado to Propose!

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Located in Northern Colorado, a Rocky Mountain National Park proposal would quite literally be picture perfect. Known for its long trails with beautiful lookout peaks overlooking the water and valleys. The only thing more beautiful than the views are the views at sunset; take an afternoon hike and end with dinner at one of the peaks while the sun sets over your once in a lifetime evening. 

Romantic Places in Colorado to Propose

2. Red Rocks Amphitheater

An open-air amphitheatre home to some fabulous outdoor concerts, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre could make for a really groovy proposal, concert or no concert! During concert off season, this unique venue hosts yoga classes, church sermons, and even weddings! When the location is not being rented out, it is free to use for hiking and watching the sunset. Plan an evening in the area and head to the amphitheatre afterwards to watch the colors of the sunset paint the sky!

Romantic Places in Colorado to Propose

3. Romantic train ride through the Royal Gorge

Can’t choose where to pop the question, why do you have to only choose one?! Take a train through the Royal Gorge. Not only will you see tons of beautiful places in one day, you can pack a romantic meal as well. Propose on one of the area’s popular train companies while sightseeing unparalleled views of Colorado that make this choice one of the most Romantic Places in Colorado to Propose.

4. Black Canyon

Hidden in Gunnison National Park in west Colorado is Black Canyon. Black Canyon surrounds a rocky gorge carved through rock around the Gunnison River. While exploring this hidden gem you may find some elk, mule deer, and eagles. This view has very moody and rocky scenery to work with for any proposal picture!

5. Hanging Lake

Hanging out under the waterfalls of Hanging Lake is surely to make for one romantic date. Though a small lake, the views are limitless. The green, emerald water contrasts the mountainscape above to create a dreamlike proposal like no other!

6. Denver Art Museum 

Are you a couple of art lovers?! No better place for an artistic proposal than the Denver Art Museum. Located in downtown Denver, there are limitless options of what to do before/after your proposal. Start your night at the Denver Art Museum (it closes at an early 5PM!), dine in one of the city’s most elegant restaurants, and finish your romantic evening walking around the sights of Downtown Denver, Colorado.  This city has so much to offer for art lovers and the museum itself is a one of a kind architecture you will not forget. 

Romantic Places in Colorado to Propose

7. Garden of the Gods Park

The rocks in Garden of the Gods stand out like castles on a hill. The beautiful red rock against the luscious, green forests below create a view people only dream of being proposed at. The Garden of the Gods was definitely created by none other than the Gods… whether you want to simply drive through or devote the to hiking, this spot is breathtaking and a fan favorite!

8. The Broadmoor Seven Falls

This beautiful Colorado treasure is a trail made up of seven gorgeous waterfalls. This privately owned venture is a jaw dropping hike for anyone but would make an even more impressive background to a set of engagement pictures. 

9. Great Sand Dunes National Park

If you’re looking for something a little different from typical Colorado views, the Great Sand Dunes National Park is just for you. The sand dunes create the idea of a place out of this world! Start at the top and slide down to the bottom and enjoy a packed lunch or dinner before you pop the special question. 

Romantic Places in Colorado to Propose

10. The San Juan Mountains

The sky does not get much clearer than when you’re in a valley between the San Juan Mountains. In the springtime, wildflowers blossom everywhere and in the fall, vibrant yellow trees fill the forests. Plan a hike through the valley with views that cannot compare anywhere else. End your evening down by the sparkling, emerald green water.

Alright… these ideas were for some truly epic places to propose in Colorado! But don’t forget, you can’t propose in one of these amazing spots without having a photographer capture the moment! Click HERE to reach out so that we can help you plan + capture an epic proposal!

Are you thinking about bringing your pup with you on your romantic trip to Colorado?! We have a blog just for you, Click Here! We hope this will help you narrow down your search for the most Romantic Places in Colorado to Propose!


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Romantic Places in Colorado to Propose

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